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See inside London's Defining Landmark

From the high-level Walkways, take in stunning panoramic views and experience the thrill of seeing London life through the Glass Floor.

Follow in the footsteps of the unsung heroes of Tower Bridge. Uncover their stories and soak in the atmosphere of the working Bridge in one of London's true hidden gems: the magnificent Victorian Engine Rooms.

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Additional visitor information

*Tower Bridge is closed 24 - 26 December. On 1 January, Tower Bridge opens at 10am. On the third Saturday every month, between 9:30 and 11:30, entry to Tower Bridge is reserved for Relaxed Opening attendees.

The Ticket Office and entrance to visit Tower Bridge is located at the base of the North West Tower.

Tower Bridge can be accessed by several modes of transport. For help planning your day out read our dedicated journey planning page.

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      December 20, 2022 at 11:02 am
      Tower Bridge
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      Ken PowellKen Powell

      13:21 19 Nov 22
      Firstly, although the staff were great at sorting me out when I didn't have a paper ticket and just one on my phone, it is not good that paper tickets are needed (and they printed mine out). In today's age and ecological crisis, paper should not be needed. They need to sort that.There is no wheelchair access that I could see. Lots of stairs both up and down so be aware! There's also not a huge amount to see in the towers themselves. Considering this is not a free attraction, I would expect more.Having said that, DO go to the engine rooms. That was excellent and informative. Well worth the trip.Overall, just about worth it for the price. Don't make it your big trip of the day though. It's fun but short.

      Nivedita NarayanNivedita Narayan

      20:49 11 Oct 22
      The beautiful tower bridge. (Tourists often confuse this to be the London bridge.)Well this is a bridge too, and check out the pictures to see how amazing it looks when a big ship passes and the bridge is open. This is one of a kind bridge. To know more about its construction do visit inside the tower bridge. It’s amazing to see vehicles crossing under you.Great tourist spot , walk the bridge to see it in detail. It’s a must do in London!

      C. PettyC. Petty

      07:40 07 Aug 22
      The Tower Bridge. Now while there’s no cost to cross the bridge I would highly recommend purchasing tickets to go across up top. It’s well worth the steps. If you need to take a lift one is available but seeing the staircases, and all the factual, historical information they give you on the way up makes it all the more worth it.We bought tickets for 13.30 and arrived a bit early, and the staff didn’t mind us getting in the queue. It was a bit long but moved very quickly, again you could take the lift or the stairs we chose the stairs (we were told there’s somewhere around 260 of them). As you walk up the stairs there are posts and placards that tell you all sorts of facts regarding the material that went into the bridge and other fascinating details. The wood creaking stairs only adds to the experience. Once at the top there’s a spot to rest even before going to the upper bridges.You may think the entire upper bridge is “glass bottom” it isn’t, but each side does have a small section where if not to crowded you can even lie down and take a photo. You’ll walk all the way across one, down the other and turn around where then you can decide you next move.Once down the stairs they send you off to the Engine Room which is also included and the gift shop. This alone has been such a worth while part of our visit, I would highly recommend it.

      Jal 117Jal 117

      15:03 27 Jul 22
      Awesome iconic structure we did the tour which is highly recommended where you get to go to the top of the bridge and look down on the Thames though the glass panels not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights mind as it's a hell of a long way up!The whole area around the bridge is really cool too lots of great bars etc especially recommend going in the Vault a pub/cafe underneath the bridge which looks directly over the river which the barmaid explained used to be the coal storage room for obviously when the bridge was still stream powered.Stayed in a premier inn which is in tower hill just a couple of hundred yards down the road, second time we've stayed there and definitely will do again as it's so ideally situated. Great area.

      Chandan MChandan M

      09:00 12 Jul 22
      This is a most iconic bridge in London. It is a beautiful history getting to see.Very impressed with the quality of exhibition inside tower bridge. Pleasant to hear the story of tower bridge on how it was built and operated.It was a great experience into the transparent bridge two walkways above street and river level. The glass floors were really cool. For the people who has height issue, there is a wooden walkway to the side.Moreover fabulous view of city on the bridge, if you're lucky you see the bridge being raised. There is a schedule for it in their website.The streets around the tower bridge are lively having plenty of cafe, ice cream van, bar and restaurants.Overall a good experience and a good time to spend time with family.


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