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See inside London's Defining Landmark

From the high-level Walkways, take in stunning panoramic views and experience the thrill of seeing London life through the Glass Floor.

Follow in the footsteps of the unsung heroes of Tower Bridge. Uncover their stories and soak in the atmosphere of the working Bridge in one of London's true hidden gems: the magnificent Victorian Engine Rooms.

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Additional visitor information

*Tower Bridge is closed 24 - 26 December. On 1 January, Tower Bridge opens at 10am. On the third Saturday every month, between 9:30 and 11:30, entry to Tower Bridge is reserved for Relaxed Opening attendees.

The Ticket Office and entrance to visit Tower Bridge is located at the base of the North West Tower.

Tower Bridge can be accessed by several modes of transport. For help planning your day out read our dedicated journey planning page.

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      December 20, 2022 at 11:02 am
      Tower Bridge
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      Melissa HuntMelissa Hunt

      07:37 24 May 24
      Stunning both from afar and while walking across it

      debjeet sarkardebjeet sarkar

      07:30 24 May 24

      Kamran GeorgeKamran George

      07:30 24 May 24
      Busy but a nice to walk across, taking in the view's of London


      07:23 24 May 24

      Robby MichelazziRobby Michelazzi

      08:02 13 May 24
      Historic London bridge, impossible not to go if you are visiting the city

      Maryam AhmadiMaryam Ahmadi

      07:49 13 May 24
      Tower Bridge in London stands as one of the city's most prominent landmarks. With its striking and impressive structure, it's like a jewel in the heart of the city. When the bridge opens to allow ships to pass through, its central section, comprised of two tall towers, gracefully rises. During these moments, spectators enjoy the beautiful and thrilling sight as large vessels sail beneath the bridge, while this magnificent bridge stands out as a representative of London's history and technology.

      Anna Maria WaniiyeAnna Maria Waniiye

      07:48 13 May 24
      Lovely tourist attraction to visit whether you are a tourist or resident in the UK. Wheelchair friendly, lots of shops and eateries. Public transport within close proximity, family and pet friendly.

      Md Zahid AlamMd Zahid Alam

      06:07 13 May 24
      Historical bridge.

      Nick StambolisNick Stambolis

      05:38 13 May 24
      One of the sights you have to visit in London

      Martyna RuszelMartyna Ruszel

      08:09 04 May 24
      I recommend visiting the inside, several exhibitions where you can learn the history and interesting facts about the bridge. A game for children where they look for information and stamps. And of course, there is a glass floor and a mirror above it, so you can take interesting photos.

      ivana margetićivana margetić

      07:43 04 May 24
      💕In love with London!! 💕

      Meir SadrasMeir Sadras

      05:31 04 May 24
      Tower Bridgelondon bridgeThe blue and white bridge is simply a sumptuous architectural work! One of the symbols of London with Big Ben! Unmissable places! Impressive size! Not far from the Fashion and Textile Museum!Highly recommended the crossing!

      sha mansha man

      05:02 04 May 24

      Dr.Gokul V GopalDr.Gokul V Gopal

      02:20 04 May 24

      Shuxrat BabaxanovShuxrat Babaxanov

      08:02 22 Apr 24

      Matthi SMatthi S

      07:42 22 Apr 24
      Imposing building with a beautiful view over the Thames, much more beautiful in the sun

      Tom HesterTom Hester

      07:14 22 Apr 24
      Historic icon. Great views and a must for London tourists.

      Lina ChenLina Chen

      07:05 22 Apr 24
      Great experience in actual tower which is really really high that I did not release. Really fun with the clear glass that you can see under the river and traffic.

      Eveline BirrerEveline Birrer

      06:58 22 Apr 24

      Lilla KunLilla Kun

      08:29 10 Apr 24

      Hireon AgencyHireon Agency

      08:09 10 Apr 24


      08:05 10 Apr 24

      Patrizia DebernardiPatrizia Debernardi

      07:39 10 Apr 24

      Ibrahim BukhariIbrahim Bukhari

      06:17 10 Apr 24

      Preston IrwinPreston Irwin

      05:37 28 Mar 24
      Worth the stop, so grand and exquisite

      Donald LoughrayDonald Loughray

      02:59 28 Mar 24
      London ICON

      Bryan NBryan N

      23:15 27 Mar 24

      Jose FerrandoJose Ferrando

      23:01 27 Mar 24

      daniel iglesiasdaniel iglesias

      08:17 17 Mar 24
      It is a drawbridge with a very interesting history. We visited it with a fantastic guide who explained to us in a very pleasant way the most important thing about it.

      Harris ScHarris Sc

      07:56 17 Mar 24

      Avinas ThapaAvinas Thapa

      05:00 17 Mar 24

      Fahim AhmedFahim Ahmed

      04:46 17 Mar 24
      ✌️From London

      Beautiful place!

      Ionut TudorIonut Tudor

      07:46 07 Mar 24

      krusader the sixthkrusader the sixth

      07:40 07 Mar 24
      Amazing monument in london.

      Jim WrenJim Wren

      07:25 07 Mar 24
      A must see for visitors to London. You can of course just walk across but I recommend that you take an hour to use the upper walkways which offer fantastic views and then the engine room which houses the machinery which opens the bridge. Well worth the small fee

      Marinoiu AuraMarinoiu Aura

      01:30 07 Mar 24
      Very good place to visit. Full with history

      N FarooqN Farooq

      08:23 25 Feb 24

      Asiya PatelAsiya Patel

      07:55 25 Feb 24

      r pietr piet

      07:20 25 Feb 24
      Good service and definitely worth a look inside. The transparent glass on the walkway is also a special experience and worth a nice photo with all that traffic below you

      Steven LopesSteven Lopes

      07:14 25 Feb 24

      Michael WalkerMichael Walker

      06:19 25 Feb 24

      Matthieu SonnetMatthieu Sonnet

      07:53 01 Feb 24

      r. rajr. raj

      07:49 01 Feb 24

      Uma LakshmiUma Lakshmi

      07:26 01 Feb 24
      Enjoyed , from the Tower bridge , the view of Thames river and riverside is wonderful

      Luis FavaLuis Fava

      06:46 01 Feb 24

      Muhammad ShahzebMuhammad Shahzeb

      06:32 01 Feb 24

      Mariana Basso RohdeMariana Basso Rohde

      08:02 25 Jan 24

      Radi DimitrovRadi Dimitrov

      07:56 25 Jan 24

      v ysv ys

      07:20 25 Jan 24
      It has a great view from every location.

      Flor DorronsoroFlor Dorronsoro

      06:54 25 Jan 24

      Roshan MishraRoshan Mishra

      00:30 25 Jan 24

      Aijaz ShahAijaz Shah

      08:19 18 Jan 24
      It’s a really good place to walk around 🙂

      Harshal ChavdaHarshal Chavda

      08:12 18 Jan 24
      Must visit once in life

      Michael FreisenMichael Freisen

      07:33 18 Jan 24
      Not only is the fact that you come into a historically known building, but also the glass floors that are located in the top two transitions are a highlight and should be visited.

      Horace SmithHorace Smith

      07:14 18 Jan 24

      Liya CasaLiya Casa

      06:59 18 Jan 24

      Gabriel AzevedoGabriel Azevedo

      07:58 11 Jan 24

      Jakub WrobelJakub Wrobel

      07:53 11 Jan 24

      Adela DanciuAdela Danciu

      05:57 11 Jan 24

      Naeema lizzieNaeema lizzie

      03:57 11 Jan 24

      Fahim AhmedFahim Ahmed

      00:57 11 Jan 24
      iconic Tower in london. Everyone come for take iconic picture.

      Stewe 26Stewe 26

      08:17 04 Jan 24


      07:38 04 Jan 24
      Another obligatory stop to make is TOWER BRIDGE either by crossing the bridge on foot or by observing from the 58th floor of Horizon 22 from where you can see all of London from the other side for free. In this skyscraper it is advisable to book a few days in advance! I also recommend the breathtaking evening view.

      Virginie DizinVirginie Dizin

      07:16 04 Jan 24

      alexandra tsokaalexandra tsoka

      06:53 04 Jan 24

      Giovanni GhigliottiGiovanni Ghigliotti

      08:09 29 Dec 23
      It is one of the wonders of London, a majestic and iconic self-propelled bridge over the Thames!

      Pando KerimiyanPando Kerimiyan

      07:14 29 Dec 23


      05:18 29 Dec 23

      Mama BouhamidaMama Bouhamida

      04:51 29 Dec 23

      deep seadeep sea

      02:28 29 Dec 23

      Graham ButlerGraham Butler

      07:57 22 Dec 23

      Sibongile MuzendaSibongile Muzenda

      07:50 22 Dec 23

      Marie BéoutMarie Béout

      07:39 22 Dec 23
      One of the main monuments in London to visit.

      Jutta MuellerJutta Mueller

      07:25 22 Dec 23
      Must see

      Greg BrownGreg Brown

      07:07 15 Dec 23
      Absolutely great people that work here. Do not miss the experience

      I loved it but very unpleasant experience in the store.The walk to the bridge itself already has the same structure, next to the Tower of London.It is usually very crowded, regardless of whether you are going to do the activity or not, as it is a large passage of people, bicycles, buses and cars.I had the opportunity to see the erection of the bridge, I advise checking dates and times on their website, arriving early to see the bridge itself and going down some stairs on the sides to the part of the river bank and walking a little to be able to see it from below and with a little distance.We liked the activity of going up and walking around it, it is true that there are many stairs but not as many as we expected, but obviously it is better to take an elevator. In some parts and in the upper part they have stoves.Friendly staff attentive to the visit, they clean the windows of the walkways frequently and make sure that, for example, when the second climb of the bridge we were on took place, everyone stood on the edges of the glass so that everyone We could see and no one would bother us by standing in the way to have a better view or photo than another person. However, as soon as they left and the bridge was going down, other people passed by walking and did not let us see them... a little respect for others is social workThe original engine room but it is just like what you see in the photos, very simple.The store is medium in size, with many various products. What I didn't like and what made me feel very uncomfortable and unpleasant is that when paying, the saleswoman gave me the bag with my products, I had it in my hands because she had given it to me, and when my card failed, she took it away from me. unpleasant shape of her hands, which I considered unnecessary and violent since she had freely given it to me before, I had not taken it without asking or had made an attempt to take anything with me. I paid immediately in cash (bring just in case).It was very unpleasant.

      Marco GarciaMarco Garcia

      06:11 15 Dec 23

      suranga senarathnesuranga senarathne

      03:54 15 Dec 23
      Nice place to visit to have a wonderful evening

      Lu RosLu Ros

      02:38 15 Dec 23

      javier a mjavier a m

      08:04 08 Dec 23
      Definitely an essential place to see if you come to London. Nice photos with him.

      M PM P

      07:49 08 Dec 23

      Jo SchuJo Schu

      07:32 08 Dec 23

      Photography Jo NaviaB.Photography Jo NaviaB.

      07:22 08 Dec 23

      Cesar YepezCesar Yepez

      05:12 08 Dec 23

      Rodica StavaruRodica Stavaru

      08:32 29 Nov 23


      06:56 29 Nov 23
      An essential visit in London, that contrast of the stone with the blue color is very striking.Even after having seen hundreds of photos, seeing it caught my attention.Dusk, with lights and imposing contrast.

      Anika TraubensteinAnika Traubenstein

      23:38 28 Nov 23
      Highly recommended in the darkWalk over it preferably on weekdays

      Sofia VizinhoSofia Vizinho

      23:21 28 Nov 23

      Piotr PiterPiotr Piter

      22:39 28 Nov 23

      JoonHyeok KimJoonHyeok Kim

      08:16 19 Nov 23
      Tower Bridge, London's representative tourist attraction. The timing of the bridge opening doesn't seem to be easy to see because there aren't that many times a year. It was a great place to visit as it had various charms no matter where you looked around. The walk across Tower Bridge and the surrounding areas are crowded with people and relatively narrow, so it would be a good idea to be careful about pickpockets and safety.

      Jimmy HanJimmy Han

      07:52 19 Nov 23

      Ana PervanAna Pervan

      01:13 19 Nov 23

      Mark BirdMark Bird

      23:34 18 Nov 23
      London town at its best, at night and running up to Christmas!

      Rizwan ShahRizwan Shah

      23:28 18 Nov 23

      Ian MiddlecoteIan Middlecote

      07:27 07 Nov 23
      A very interesting visit

      Camille Que AlbayCamille Que Albay

      06:43 07 Nov 23


      06:30 07 Nov 23
      Best place to visit in London

      Alex PernierAlex Pernier

      06:29 07 Nov 23

      Anil K DhananiAnil K Dhanani

      06:16 07 Nov 23
      Worth seeing

      A. K.A. K.

      08:28 29 Oct 23

      Dave CravenDave Craven

      08:11 29 Oct 23
      An iconic bridge with some lovely views.

      Syed Kazim RazaSyed Kazim Raza

      08:09 29 Oct 23

      Ajay ChandavaleAjay Chandavale

      07:10 29 Oct 23
      One of the must visit places in London. If you wish to go inside the building there is an entry ticket and you need to reach before 5:00pm

      Albertas .KleveckaAlbertas .Klevecka

      06:54 21 Oct 23
      Once seen from above. Inside. It is necessary. It's nice.

      Sirasit SSirasit S

      06:49 21 Oct 23

      Stefan BeeStefan Bee

      06:08 21 Oct 23

      Andrepower 1900Andrepower 1900

      04:46 21 Oct 23

      Clare MayClare May

      07:10 11 Oct 23
      If you wish to climb Tower Bridge ensure you purchase timed tickets directly through Tower Bridge, otherwise if you purchase elsewhere you will still have to wait in line with the people who don't have tickets.

      Julie AgrimontiJulie Agrimonti

      06:05 11 Oct 23

      Ashish TAshish T

      06:01 11 Oct 23
      Iconic! No visit to London can be complete without a visit to the Tower Bridge and and walk on the South Bank! Lucky you are if it opens up to let a boat pass when you are around!

      Abhishek SuranaAbhishek Surana

      04:05 11 Oct 23

      Piotr AzPiotr Az

      03:56 11 Oct 23
      Tower Bridge.It's the legend.One of my favourite icons of London.

      Deasung KimDeasung Kim

      08:25 01 Oct 23

      Tim HusainTim Husain

      08:11 01 Oct 23
      The most famous and beautiful bridge in the world. An icon of London. Stunning place. Just walked over the tower for the first time and visited inside. Was great fun and had excellent views. Well worth a visit.

      Amitabh NimkarAmitabh Nimkar

      08:10 01 Oct 23

      jimmy revelojimmy revelo

      08:08 01 Oct 23
      Very nice to take photos and walk

      Lars D.Lars D.

      06:45 01 Oct 23
      Beautiful bridge, very impressive. But also a lot going on. Even more recommended at night, as it is beautifully lit.

      Sara BradleySara Bradley

      03:46 26 Sep 23
      Awesome view from the upper level with see thru floor.

      tinker belltinker bell

      03:18 26 Sep 23
      Second time viewing from the same spot 10 years apart, still as beautiful!Check tower bridge website for bridge raising time and plan your visit.

      JoZ PhoneJoZ Phone

      22:33 25 Sep 23
      Well preserved, a delight to look at and know that it continues to work without any problems.

      Shihab MixxShihab Mixx

      22:28 25 Sep 23

      Moin SaiyadMoin Saiyad

      22:25 25 Sep 23

      Yasin BalciYasin Balci

      05:23 18 Sep 23

      Mohammed HanifMohammed Hanif

      03:02 18 Sep 23

      Franco D'EmilioFranco D'Emilio

      02:12 18 Sep 23
      An unmissable place within the area of ​​the city of London. Crossing the bridge can be done for free, although you must pay a fee to climb the towers.

      Nasreen BegumNasreen Begum

      23:08 17 Sep 23
      Horrendous traffic at midnight was not enjoyable

      Nikita PandeyNikita Pandey

      22:53 17 Sep 23


      05:26 11 Sep 23

      April ProductionsApril Productions

      05:23 11 Sep 23
      Haven't been inside yet, but just an amazing bridge

      Fardin AhmedFardin Ahmed

      05:10 11 Sep 23

      Kelly ButlerKelly Butler

      05:04 11 Sep 23

      Haneef AdnanHaneef Adnan

      03:03 11 Sep 23
      Good place to visit

      adnan warriachadnan warriach

      04:15 03 Sep 23
      Very good place

      abu banaabu bana

      00:26 03 Sep 23
      when i see this bridge it reminds of london. beautiful bridge during the day and night.

      David HernándezDavid Hernández

      23:57 02 Sep 23
      Historic, iconic London place. It has a beautiful view of the river and the city. A good area to take a walk and to take lots of pictures. Good for all the family. You can access the inside of the tower and learn about the functionality of the bridge, history and see the city.

      David StoutDavid Stout

      23:44 02 Sep 23

      Joel DsouzaJoel Dsouza

      13:55 14 Aug 23
      London Tower Bridge is an iconic symbol of the city and a remarkable feat of engineering. This iconic bascule and suspension bridge spans the River Thames, connecting the Tower of London on the north bank to the Greater London area on the south bank. Its distinctive twin towers and intricate design make it a must-see landmark for both locals and tourists.Visiting the Tower Bridge offers a captivating experience. The exhibition within the bridge's high-level walkways provides historical insights into its construction and operation. The panoramic views of the city from these walkways are truly breathtaking, allowing you to appreciate London's skyline and its numerous landmarks.One of the most exciting aspects of Tower Bridge is its operation. If you're lucky, you might witness the bridge raising to allow taller vessels to pass through, which is a fascinating sight in itself.The surrounding area also has plenty to offer, including riverside walks, nearby attractions like the Tower of London, and a vibrant atmosphere. Keep in mind that Tower Bridge can get quite crowded, especially during peak tourist seasons, so planning your visit during off-peak times might lead to a more enjoyable experience.In summary, London Tower Bridge is not only an architectural marvel but also a symbol of London's rich history and connection to the River Thames. Exploring its walkways, learning about its history, and admiring its engineering prowess make for an unforgettable experience in the heart of the city.

      Conrad SerraoConrad Serrao

      19:38 13 Aug 23
      On a pleasant weather day, it is lovely to walk across the bridge while taking pictures with different views of the bridge. Despite little crowd, it was easy to walk with family and take desired pics. Wouldn't really recommend buying tickets for the additional features and climb on the top. Views from the road bridge level itself are great.

      Del BoyDel Boy

      06:51 12 Aug 23
      I'm so glad we have done this experience. Even the walk along is nice.Definitely recommend pre booking tho.Walking along the glass floor was brilliant.Engine and boiler room are amazing. Reading all the history behind it all blew my mind.💯 recommend this tour.Brilliant day out.

      Dr. kundan thakurDr. kundan thakur

      06:40 12 Aug 23
      I had a fantastic visit to London Bridge! The surroundings were truly beautiful, with the iconic River Thames flowing beneath and stunning architecture all around. I was lucky enough to witness the bridge opening, which was a remarkable experience. The only downside was that it was quite crowded, but the vibrant atmosphere and the sight of the bridge more than made up for it. Definitely worth a visit for the history and charm it offers!

      Fazil OmerFazil Omer

      22:38 02 Aug 23
      Don't ever confuse Tower Bridge with London Bridge, even though they're situated near each other. This iconic structure is known as Tower Bridge, and it's an absolute must-see when in London.The stunning view from the bridge is something that will capture the interest of anyone, especially for Indians, given its frequent appearance in regional movies from around the world. This lends it a nostalgic charm that can be appreciated even without a deep understanding of its historical significance.Tower Bridge, completed in 1894, represents a marvel of engineering. Its unique suspension design not only serves a functional purpose but also adds to London's rich architectural heritage.When I visited (midweek), I was pleasantly surprised to find that despite the crowds, it was still easy to explore. I was able to move around freely, enjoying the view from all angles.The architecture, the atmosphere, and the unique experience of walking across a piece of cinematic and historical legacy make Tower Bridge a memorable destination. Whether you're a history buff or just someone looking for a breathtaking view, this landmark, with its blend of functionality and artistry, is sure to leave you in awe.


      12:08 30 Jul 23
      Practically the best of all (also great) London attractions. The bridge is beautiful AND functional. You can go right across it. There is also an option to pay to see from the top of the bridge and the mechanisms that open and close it. Yes, the bridge opens and it's really rewarding to catch this rare moment of a boat passing through the opened Tower Bridge. This location is 2 for 1 as Tower of London is right next to the bridge.

      Scott KinderScott Kinder

      13:50 27 Jul 23
      The bridge is beautiful and emotes its history and the times in which it was created. The surrounding back drops and skylines make you appreciate everything that has happened since this bridge was built - and the changing society. It is great at night, with the lights on and all of the people and activities on the walkway along the river. It is a must see - day and night.

      Andrew CartwrightAndrew Cartwright

      22:43 24 Jul 23
      A beautiful London landmark that I must have seen quite a few times, but only recently have actually visited it for a look inside. On our scheduled visit it was a little bit rainy, which in part meant that the queue wasn't that long. When you go in you head up the stairs till eventually you get up to the walkways. The walkways have lots of information about the bridge as well as some clear glass floors to look down at the world beneath. The ticket also allows entry into the engine room which is a short way from when you exit the bridge tower. I'm really pleased that we visited Tower Bridge but did feel that it could have been a bit more interactive in terms of the info - still 100% worth the visit though!

      Natalija VerbickieneNatalija Verbickiene

      12:52 19 Jul 23
      Tower Bridge - nice, historical beautiful place! At the top, on both sides of the bridge, there are gaps in the floor with glass floors with a view of the river and people walking below, while the windows offer beautiful views of the city. For the family of three persons (1 adult + 2 children) we payed 22 pounds (in 2023.07.17) for this experience.

      Ajit BhaskarAjit Bhaskar

      03:51 18 Jul 23
      Really spectacular views across river Thames. Be it cloudy or sunny, the views are gorgeous! The architecture, the landscape, it is just spectacular! The vibe is lively. You could see people running, folks playing music, performing fun acts in the walkways leading to various bridges. A must do if you're in London. Lots of good places to grab a bite nearby as well.

      Mick MorseMick Morse

      18:01 17 Jul 23
      A great experience in such a historic building. Some great views especially through the glass floor. If you have trouble climbing loads of stairs then please use the lift. Think this attraction is fantastic, especially bearing in mind the price of the ticket. I’d also suggest going on their website to order your tickets as there was a large queue waiting to purchase them. You can then go to the front of the queue in a special advanced ticket purchase queue.

      Kate LongKate Long

      16:39 16 Jul 23
      Lovely museum & tourist attraction split across two nearly locations - the bridge itself and the engibe room. Tells the history of Tower Bridge & those who built it really well. Great views from the walkway at the top plus a glass floor to look down on the road & river below. The steam engine room is really impressive & explains how the bridge was first powered. Well worth a visit whether you're visiting London or you're a resident.

      saniya prakashsaniya prakash

      21:51 13 Jul 23
      I am in love with London especially the tower bridge. It is spectacular and I am out of words to express its beauty.You can sit and watch the tower stand majestically during any time of the day or even at night. Its beauty never fades.


      21:51 09 Jul 23
      Never miss a chance to spend good time around Thames with a great view of the Tower Bridge. You need to experience the place both in morning and night for a different experience. If you can - you can try a cruise experience in the evening to enjoy the night and have a great view of the city.

      Sanmegh ThokadeSanmegh Thokade

      13:58 07 Jul 23
      This review is for the paid attraction to go to the top:Great view on one side. Tickets are much cheaper compared to other attractions, but that's not an excuse to throw in so many people into each batch. If the top was a bit less crowded, it would've been great.

      rohit bamanerohit bamane

      21:09 06 Jul 23
      “Visiting Tower Bridge in London was an absolute delight! From the moment I set foot on this iconic landmark, I was captivated by its grandeur and historical significance. The majestic structure, with its towering towers and intricate Victorian architecture, truly exemplifies the architectural marvels of the past.As I strolled along the high-level walkways, I was treated to breathtaking panoramic views of the River Thames and the cityscape beyond. The glass floors added an exhilarating touch, allowing me to marvel at the bustling traffic passing below my feet. It was an experience that made me feel both connected to the city’s vibrant energy and humbled by its rich history.Inside the bridge’s exhibition, I was immersed in its fascinating story through interactive displays and informative exhibits. Learning about the construction and engineering feats behind Tower Bridge deepened my appreciation for this iconic landmark. The highlight, of course, was witnessing the bridge open up to let a passing ship through—an awe-inspiring moment that reminded me of its vital role in facilitating maritime trade.The staff at Tower Bridge were friendly and knowledgeable, always ready to answer questions and provide insights into its heritage. Their passion for the bridge’s legacy was evident, making the visit even more enjoyable.Overall, my visit to Tower Bridge was an unforgettable experience. It’s a must-see attraction for anyone visiting London, offering a perfect blend of history, architecture, and breathtaking views. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, an architecture lover, or simply seeking a memorable experience, Tower Bridge will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.”I hope you find this review helpful!

      Ash W.Ash W.

      22:09 02 Jul 23
      An absolute classic icon… (sorry London Bridge ;). Always nice to stroll across and enjoy the views and architecture on both sides of the river and while on the bridge itself. You won’t have to wait too long to see an iconic red routemaster bus cross it as well. Certainly makes for an ideal “London” photo opportunity. For a nice view of the bridge, try crossing another one and enjoying the view.

      Alhan ShakerAlhan Shaker

      16:59 02 Jul 23
      It’s a very nice touristic place.. there are restaurants near by where you can also enjoy the view.. we took a walk on the bridge. If you want to walk on the top where there see through glass there is a payment of either 13 or 20 pounds but the tower itself is closed you can just walk along the corridor from one side to the other. Walking down though is free and it’s a must see when you visit London

      TJ BTJ B

      19:33 24 Jun 23
      Really neat tour with the history of not only the construction, but why the design is how it is. A couple of years ago the installed glass bottom panels in the two walkways that connect the tops of the bridge. This was cool to see and the view from up there is awesome. The tickets were very reasonable.

      Maciek KowalskiMaciek Kowalski

      19:43 06 Jun 23
      Great place to visit. Of course this is an icon of London with interest history but also a very nice exposition. The raw information is presented with graphics or video which is super cool. The facts are presented in a friendly way without a museum description. The top view is great and this idea with sliding windows for photo is great. The service is nice and helpful. Great souvenir shop and part of the engine room. Me and my wife spent over an hour sightseeing and I think that this is a must have place for every tourist.

      Nivedita MahtoNivedita Mahto

      13:03 06 Jun 23
      Beautiful Tower Bridge and surrounding places.Unfortunately,we haven’t covered all in one day.I would like to recommend those who are preferring public transportation. Before visiting Tower Bridge must check about event on the day, public transportation such as bus route,train availability. We had taken a long walk with a child due to event on that day.We haven’t check online about the event.Surrounding the Tower bridge so many places to view and it was amazing.

      H JH J

      00:59 21 May 23
      Tower Bridge in London is an architectural masterpiece that commands attention. This iconic landmark offers a mesmerizing experience with its grandeur and historical significance.The Tower Bridge Exhibition allows visitors to delve into the bridge's construction and operation, offering a captivating journey through its past. Walking across the high-level glass floor provides breathtaking views of the River Thames and the cityscape, making it a must-see attraction.Tickets for the Tower Bridge Exhibition can be purchased both on-site and online. It's advisable to book in advance to avoid long waiting times, especially during peak hours when the bridge can be quite busy. However, the waiting time is often manageable, and the exhibition's informative displays help make the wait more enjoyable.Tower Bridge stands as an iconic symbol of London's rich heritage, seamlessly blending history, architecture, and stunning views. Whether you're a history buff, an architecture enthusiast, or simply seeking a memorable experience, a visit to Tower Bridge is an absolute delight.

      Ken PowellKen Powell

      13:21 19 Nov 22
      Firstly, although the staff were great at sorting me out when I didn't have a paper ticket and just one on my phone, it is not good that paper tickets are needed (and they printed mine out). In today's age and ecological crisis, paper should not be needed. They need to sort that.There is no wheelchair access that I could see. Lots of stairs both up and down so be aware! There's also not a huge amount to see in the towers themselves. Considering this is not a free attraction, I would expect more.Having said that, DO go to the engine rooms. That was excellent and informative. Well worth the trip.Overall, just about worth it for the price. Don't make it your big trip of the day though. It's fun but short.

      Nivedita NarayanNivedita Narayan

      20:49 11 Oct 22
      The beautiful tower bridge. (Tourists often confuse this to be the London bridge.)Well this is a bridge too, and check out the pictures to see how amazing it looks when a big ship passes and the bridge is open. This is one of a kind bridge. To know more about its construction do visit inside the tower bridge. It’s amazing to see vehicles crossing under you.Great tourist spot , walk the bridge to see it in detail. It’s a must do in London!

      C. PettyC. Petty

      07:40 07 Aug 22
      The Tower Bridge. Now while there’s no cost to cross the bridge I would highly recommend purchasing tickets to go across up top. It’s well worth the steps. If you need to take a lift one is available but seeing the staircases, and all the factual, historical information they give you on the way up makes it all the more worth it.We bought tickets for 13.30 and arrived a bit early, and the staff didn’t mind us getting in the queue. It was a bit long but moved very quickly, again you could take the lift or the stairs we chose the stairs (we were told there’s somewhere around 260 of them). As you walk up the stairs there are posts and placards that tell you all sorts of facts regarding the material that went into the bridge and other fascinating details. The wood creaking stairs only adds to the experience. Once at the top there’s a spot to rest even before going to the upper bridges.You may think the entire upper bridge is “glass bottom” it isn’t, but each side does have a small section where if not to crowded you can even lie down and take a photo. You’ll walk all the way across one, down the other and turn around where then you can decide you next move.Once down the stairs they send you off to the Engine Room which is also included and the gift shop. This alone has been such a worth while part of our visit, I would highly recommend it.

      Jal 117Jal 117

      15:03 27 Jul 22
      Awesome iconic structure we did the tour which is highly recommended where you get to go to the top of the bridge and look down on the Thames though the glass panels not recommended for anyone with a fear of heights mind as it's a hell of a long way up!The whole area around the bridge is really cool too lots of great bars etc especially recommend going in the Vault a pub/cafe underneath the bridge which looks directly over the river which the barmaid explained used to be the coal storage room for obviously when the bridge was still stream powered.Stayed in a premier inn which is in tower hill just a couple of hundred yards down the road, second time we've stayed there and definitely will do again as it's so ideally situated. Great area.

      Chandan MChandan M

      09:00 12 Jul 22
      This is a most iconic bridge in London. It is a beautiful history getting to see.Very impressed with the quality of exhibition inside tower bridge. Pleasant to hear the story of tower bridge on how it was built and operated.It was a great experience into the transparent bridge two walkways above street and river level. The glass floors were really cool. For the people who has height issue, there is a wooden walkway to the side.Moreover fabulous view of city on the bridge, if you're lucky you see the bridge being raised. There is a schedule for it in their website.The streets around the tower bridge are lively having plenty of cafe, ice cream van, bar and restaurants.Overall a good experience and a good time to spend time with family.

      Martin DooleyMartin Dooley

      08:47 22 Mar 22
      Excellent experience awesome helpful staff so much information and history available about this iconic bridge. Not too expensive and you get a discount on the For of London monument as well. Brilliant view of the Thames and The City.


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