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Nestled in the heart of Cornwall, The Eden Project is a world-renowned horticultural wonderland and an educational centre dedicated to promoting sustainability and conservation. The site features two enormous biomes that house thousands of plant species from around the world, including the largest rainforest in captivity.

Visitors can explore the biomes, learn about plant life, and immerse themselves in the stunning surroundings. The Eden Project also offers an array of activities, including zip-lining, a sky-high walkway, and an outdoor garden that showcases native Cornish plants.

The centre is dedicated to educating visitors on sustainable living practices and promoting environmental awareness, making it an ideal destination for families, nature lovers, and anyone interested in learning more about the natural world.

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The Eden Project has different opening times for each week, so please visit for full details

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    • Monty's Guide
      October 25, 2022 at 5:39 pm
      Eden Project
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      Daniel MartinDaniel Martin

      12:09 23 Dec 22
      Eden is a place we love to go as a family, but somehow it’s even more special at Christmas. I think beside actual Lapland, Eden does the best Father Christmas experience, a very wholesome and engaging experience with a key message for all to take away and reflect on. As the kids are older now we were able to experience the Christmas lights for the first time and, just wow! Breathtaking! For a place I have been to many times, at night with the lights its truly something special! A must see!

      Grace EnglandGrace England

      18:37 12 Dec 22
      I love The Eden Project in Cornwall so much!! It is so magical at Christmas time. Myself and my partner really enjoyed it. The live music was really good and made a wonderful atmosphere and experience. I would 100% recommend!! 😊

      Mark BonsonMark Bonson

      07:10 04 Oct 22
      A great place to visit for all ages.Lots of interesting plants and tress.Really well presented.Lots of facts on the environment and the impact on climate change.Good restaurant in the Mediterranean section.

      Jessica EdwardsJessica Edwards

      05:50 05 Aug 22
      What an incredible day out! We were very thankful for the shuttle bus to get us to and from the car parks, I don't think it would have been an enjoyable walk without this as it is such a steep hill back up! However the project itself is absolutely amazing, very very humid and warm so if you struggle with the heat be sure to take some water in with you! Very informative and most definitely beautiful. We got to see so many things we wouldn't have known about or seen prior very much worth the trip and all of the walking

      Josh Hayes-JonesJosh Hayes-Jones

      17:33 23 Jul 22
      Eden project is an amazing place to visit! If you love plants, architecture, landscaping this is definitely the place for you. Being here felt like being in a tropical country minus the stress of flights. I would recommend this place to anyone, if you get the chance to visit definitely do so! The team here are also fantastic and the food is good too!

      Emma OzanneEmma Ozanne

      15:09 06 Jul 22
      Absolutely loved coming here.Take your time and don't rush through, spend as much time in the domes.They get busy and it does feel like you have to move along when people are behind you but you always go back in again or lap round againHad a wonderful time and the layout is great with different hidden gems scattered around. Clean and tidy with no rubbishWill definitely come again

      Peter RoylePeter Royle

      15:28 19 Jun 22
      I also think it is overpriced.It's a good hike from the car park to the entrance, and it's all up hill going back.It was quite busy during our visit ( mid June ), so I would expect it is very crowded on holiday season.Very well presented in the domes, especially the tropical plants.Would I go back.... Very doubtful.


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