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Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument located in Wiltshire and is made up of a ring of standing stones, each weighing around 25 tons, and is thought to have been built between 3000 and 2000 BC.  The stones are arranged in a circular pattern, and it is thought that they may have been used for astronomical observations, as well as for religious or ceremonial purposes.

There are a number of different ways to visit Stonehenge, including self-guided audio tours and 'vip' tours inside the stones with 'Stone Circle Experience: an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime visit to Stonehenge'.

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      Greg MielkeGreg Mielke

      05:19 24 Sep 23

      Liliana SitaruLiliana Sitaru

      21:10 23 Sep 23

      Norman MoralesNorman Morales

      19:20 23 Sep 23

      Paolo OberhauserPaolo Oberhauser

      05:32 16 Sep 23

      Martha ShamonMartha Shamon

      04:56 16 Sep 23
      Incredible, magical place

      Chandradeep ChatterjeeChandradeep Chatterjee

      23:27 15 Sep 23
      The Stonehenge World Heritage Site is famous throughout the world and is one of the most important prehistoric landscapes in Europe. Today this landscape is split in two by a major road - the A303 - which acts as a barrier to people enjoying, exploring and understanding the World Heritage Site.

      Granally SGranally S

      22:25 15 Sep 23

      Leomar UruetaLeomar Urueta

      22:10 15 Sep 23

      Anthony TeohAnthony Teoh

      05:06 09 Sep 23

      Paul Robert MarkhamPaul Robert Markham

      21:30 08 Sep 23
      Somewhat overrated unfortunately, just too commercial.

      One of the must see wonders of the world. It is very interesting to know that Stonehenge was built 5000 years ago and still counting.


      17:00 08 Sep 23

      JS DavisonJS Davison

      15:56 08 Sep 23

      Desiree “K Skye” TDesiree “K Skye” T

      02:40 31 Aug 23

      Martin RichardsonMartin Richardson

      00:05 31 Aug 23
      Iconic, but crowded and excessively expensive. Ditch the shuttle bus and make people walk.

      Muddassar (MNS DALL)Muddassar (MNS DALL)

      20:58 30 Aug 23
      Its great old history.You visit it free if you go from side road and park your car along side of the public path way.

      S Sai SravaniS Sai Sravani

      20:53 30 Aug 23

      Jonn SandonJonn Sandon

      13:06 16 Aug 23
      Excellent couple of hours interesting viewing.Highly recommend an English Heritage membership. Only have to use it once here and it paid for itself. Also used it a couple.of times whilst we were on holiday in the west country.Very close up access to the henge for great unadulterated photos.Lots of people on the public footpath with restricted views but still good access.


      17:56 12 Aug 23
      A must visit place in the UK. 🇬🇧 Most famous tourist attraction and the heritage site in England. Entry is free for the English heritage members. Others can buy their tickets at the entrance counters. The site is little far from the entrance counters. They are providing a bus service to go to the stones area. It is included in the entry fee. Parking is available and it is free for everyone. Toilets and the restaurant are at the entrance. No washrooms in the site. Even you can walk without using the buses. It’s like 10-15 minutes walk. Due to the wind it’s bit cold at anytime, so make sure you have jackets on your hands. Nice environment. But since it is the most iconic place it is always crowded. You can buy tickets online and it will save your time as no need to wait in the queues to get tickets.

      Chris SharpeChris Sharpe

      15:50 10 Aug 23
      Luckily we're national trust members so entry was free and no parking charge which is nice. We were time restricted so it was up and back. I would imagine the experience if you walk there would be different and quite relaxing. It's an ancient monument and quite staggering at what was achieved and from so far away. If you're paying? Take your time.....

      drreze rashiddrreze rashid

      14:24 10 Aug 23
      It was raining that day so we ride a bus otherwise we could spend half hour walking along the meadows and grass field. The view was spectacular and the stone standing majestically. But why the stone is there? Is it suddenly appeared? Its because the area is very fertile grassland and people can cultivate anything as well as raising animal..

      Kimberly KlingeKimberly Klinge

      03:20 06 Aug 23
      What can you say other than this is an absolutely breathtaking site. Upon arrival there are nice facilities to grab lunch and use the restroom. That is a nice perk when you're traveling with small children like we were.

      Timothy WertTimothy Wert

      14:56 01 Aug 23
      This has been a lifetime in the waiting. This visit ranks up there amount the best. I went to the Great Pyramids two years ago and now Stonehenge. I was surprised how far you had to travel to get there. It was raining off and on but it did ruin the experience. Even if you don't like history please if you are in the United Kingdom travel to this amazing wonder. There is so much to see and do here. It is not just a pile of rocks. It is our past and our present and our future all rolled in to one experience. England is a beautiful country and should not be missed.


      21:57 26 Jul 23
      Very educational and spiritual place. At the entrance you have the museum and the exposition centre where you can learn everything about the place and fossils they found in the area. You have a lovely walk from the exposition centre to the stones of around half an hour, but in case needed there is a bus that can take you there for free. The place itself its breathtaking and you can feel the energy flowing. Very recommended!

      Autopista OfficialAutopista Official

      22:12 24 Jul 23
      Incredible experience! It was my dream since a child to come here and it finally came true.It's true you can have a look to Stonehenge without paying but not so close as with the ticket.There is a shuttle bus which takes you from the entrance to Stonehenge and also the way back. If you prefer you can also walk and enjoy the view.

      Suzanne DeloresSuzanne Delores

      08:39 24 Jul 23
      Also round hills to explore nearby but I ran out of time. Be great to have a picnic and a few more hours there. I arrived at 5pm on route on a long journey. We'll worth the stop, and I will go again.

      Stephanie GonzalezStephanie Gonzalez

      17:10 20 Jul 23
      Great experience. We got lucky that it did not rain the day we went since it had been pouring the day before. It was sunny and cloudy so the lighting was different on the stones throughout the two hours we were there which was pretty cool. We took the shuttle to the site and walked back to the visitor center on the way out. Will definitely pay the extra fee to walk amongst the stones next time.

      Muthu VelayuthamMuthu Velayutham

      11:33 09 Jul 23
      A take back to 5000 years. A must watch place in UK.. World heritage site. A pleasant view and travel back to history. If you are an English heritage or National trust member, access to this place is free. Start from the exhibition centre to know about the history and you can take the free bus from the exhibition centre to the stones. I personally loved the experience. If you are interested in the history, this is a fantastic experience for you.

      Brett WhitesideBrett Whiteside

      06:02 09 Jul 23
      It's actually pretty cool. Yes, there are a lot of tourists and the entry fee seems very steep (26 GBP!) and apart from on the Summer Solstice, you can't get very close, but I still enjoyed the visit.

      Petri HeikkinenPetri Heikkinen

      17:49 08 Jul 23
      Very well-maintained site, the visitor centre is quite informative and it is indeed very nice walk through the fields and around the Stonehenge itself. You definitely get close enough to appreciate many of the details and the magnificence of this stone circle.


      16:02 04 Jul 23
      Beautiful place to visit! The museum was informational and the gift shop was excellent, washrooms were clean. We had tickets for 4pm on a Monday in June and it wasn’t overly crowded. We were able to get on the bus to and from the site quickly with no wait. There is a lot of room to roam around and the stones are spectacular in person - photos don’t do it justice!

      Jon71 LerumJon71 Lerum

      18:39 27 Jun 23
      The sight is interesting and it was amazing to have been there. The exhibition was informative, and the huts outside was nice to look at.You pay for the bus and the chance to get closer to the stones. You can walk for 30 minutes and watch outside a fence for free, I think. I paid...

      Great views, filled with history. Great day out.Ideal for picnic 🧺We used National Trust to enter and had tickets booked in advance so there was no queue.There was a massive queue for non tickets though and we went on a Sunday.

      Alex WarnerAlex Warner

      12:40 19 Jun 23
      It was a great experience, plenty of parking, near enough no queue to get a ticket. A lovely walk towards the monument or a complementary bus service. The gift shop does get crowded but everything is fairly priced.

      A BA B

      19:58 18 Jun 23
      Fantastic, beautifully managed. Nice facilities..wonderful hiking to other sites. GO EARLY! Huge lines and crowds after 11:00 on a Sunday. We booked tickets in advance. Traffic was backed up for 2 miles waiting to get into parking as we were leaving at 11:00. We had a great experience. Worth it. Picture ops were easy the way everything is set up. Buses to the site ran every 5 minutes or you could walk.

      Dr. Jan WestDr. Jan West

      11:08 18 Jun 23
      Wonderful visitors center and coach to site. Got to touch Stonehenge in the 1960s but it is now roped off and guarded. Too many people chipping off bits of it. Center explains much more of the use and purpose of it, that being a temple to the harvest and burial place for ancestors.

      Jim BaudinoJim Baudino

      00:54 13 Jun 23
      This is definitely a tourist destination and they want to make sure they are capturing all the visitors they can. They create the parking lot and visitor center a bus ride away from the actual monument. You can walk, which is about 20 minutes and is recommended on a nice day. Enjoyed the videos in tourist center. Glad it was part of National Trust. Recommend getting the pass if you are in the UK for any length of time. Worth the investment.

      Sumeet FulmaliSumeet Fulmali

      18:42 20 Oct 22
      We visited in October on a weekday (Thursday) and reached at 3:00 pm. There was absolutely no rush and we were able to get tickets with out any hassle. But would recommend to buy tickets online as we had to shell out almost 6 pounds extra per ticket than what it was showing online.The cafe was good and serves a decent spread, there was ample seating. We opted for a bus as the closing time is 5 PM. We reached there in 5 min via bus if you reach early you can walk also. It is a beautiful landscape with green grass and patches of trees here and there , as it was autumn the tress and beautiful colours on them.The path is clearly marked and you can download the mobile app which gives you information about all the places near the monument and about the monument also.It was a pleasant walk and we were able to click beautiful pictures, it is not allowed to go inside the stone structures but we can go close enough to get good pictures.Lastly around 4 PM they told us they will close in 20 min so we took the bus back. The gift shop had good options to get some souvenirs. And then we left around 5PM. Overall a good experience.

      Mud WingsMud Wings

      11:52 11 Oct 22
      Finally. Bucket list spot finally checked off.Old. Mysterious. Beautiful. Spiritual.Loved it here. Lots of people though. Literally hundreds. Had to strategically line up my photo takes.Crazy long walk to get here from the parking lot area/cafe/gift shop.Take the bus... There's not much to see between the stones and your car.It's way over-priced admission, but I get it. It's a really eye-popper.... A must see!

      Kitty KatKitty Kat

      06:09 09 Oct 22
      Going to such an iconic landmark on a long weekend, in the middle of the school holidays isn’t for the faint-hearted. But we were determined to give it a shot, having been turned away from the Roman Baths in Bath because they were too busy!Yes, there massive crowds, but still ample parking. The shuttle bus from visitors’ centre to the stones was efficient, and we didn’t have to wait long. I had heard a lot of complaints that you have to admire from a distance, but it’s a great idea!!! From a heritage point of view, people shouldn’t be allowed to climb over the stones. But from a tourist point of view it’s fantastic! If you want to take some photos it is so easy to do so without a heap of other tourists in the way. I loved it! As always, it asks more questions than it answers!The gift shop was a pleasant surprise. There is a lot of the usual cheap and cheerful stuff, but also some more special mementos. None of which were ridiculous it expensive.

      Robin WilkesRobin Wilkes

      20:24 01 Oct 22
      Not been since young boy,many years ago, probably about 45yrs, drove past the stone's many times, nice place to visit, joined national trust earlier in morning as joint members, otherwise would cost£40 to get in(£20.×2) member ship £147.60 /yr so saved straight away. Really good place to go and shuttle bus for 1.5 miles from visitors centre and shop./toilets,or you can walk it..

      Karl HarrisKarl Harris

      19:34 26 Jul 22
      Awe inspiring monument to visit, the stones are spectacular. You just have tons of other tourists to deal with, walking up there instead of the bus is a good way to go. The inevitable souvenir shop selling tacky 'Neolithic' things does cheapen the experience.

      Marcus SchulerMarcus Schuler

      19:38 25 Jul 22
      A tip in advance. Come after 2 p.m., then the rush of visitors decreases significantly. When we came back around 3 p.m., we didn't even have to queue for the shuttle, and the ticket counters were empty.So, now to the topic. There is something mystical about it. It is without a doubt something special. I said many years ago that I had to see Stonehenge, and I have never regretted it.Thank goodness we have Historical Heritage Membership. Firstly, the car park doesn't cost a fee, the entrance is free and you don't have to queue for hours at the ticket office. The single entrances are really expensive.Nevertheless, you can't miss such an important site.There are also many other things to discover around the visitor centre. Currently, in July 2022, there is a small excavation site for children.

      Phon MacyPhon Macy

      01:59 24 Jul 22
      We arrived on a coach bus(coming from our cruise) as Stonehenge was opening. There was no traffic going there and barely anyone in the parking lots. The facilities were beautiful and blended well into the landscape. Arriving at opening on a weekday, the ticket line had no more than 10 groups waiting. The cafe was a wonderful surprise with great food and coffee options. The gift shop has a great selection of all things Stonehenge.You can either walk to Stonehenge or take the bus from the ticket center. Super quick and easy ride. We arrived and there was a ton of opportunity to take a picture without a lot of people around.We did see cars parked along a road and you can walk the dirt path, but you won’t be able to get as close or read any of the information provided as you walk around.You can also see the Stonehenge from the road. There was a lot of traffic when we were leaving around 12pm.Overall, it was a great experience. I recommend going at opening and leaving before the crowds start.


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