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Located in the verdant outskirts of London, Kew Gardens is a verdant oasis of tranquility and beauty, yet incredibly easy to visit using London's extensive tube and bus network. Home to an extensive collection of exotic flora and fauna, this botanical paradise has long been considered one of the world's most iconic and revered green spaces.

Spread across 300 acres, Kew Gardens is not only a haven for nature enthusiasts but also a treasure trove of scientific discoveries. With over 50,000 plant species and a staggering 8.3 million preserved plant specimens, the gardens are a treasure trove for researchers and botanists alike.

From the fragrant blooms of the Rose Garden to the tranquil lakes and water features of the Japanese Garden, Kew Gardens offers a kaleidoscope of colours and textures that is sure to enchant visitors of all ages. Take a leisurely stroll along the Treetop Walkway, where you can explore the canopy of the world's tallest trees, or lose yourself in the Palm House, a majestic glass structure that houses some of the rarest and most exotic palms on earth.

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      March 29, 2023 at 9:11 am
      Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
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      Sam GrantSam Grant

      07:54 22 Jun 24

      Jordan RaymondJordan Raymond

      07:37 22 Jun 24

      ronnie ronaldronnie ronald

      02:48 22 Jun 24

      Aneesha HaleedAneesha Haleed

      22:50 21 Jun 24

      Lasma TLasma T

      20:45 21 Jun 24

      hannah sherlockhannah sherlock

      07:41 11 Jun 24
      Lovely flat mostly, lots of glasshouses with different plants, temperate, palm, princess of Wales conservatory, waterlily house, alpine house. A liot of sculptors around to add interest and plenty of cafe and ice cream stops as you walk around. We did a guided tour which was excellent and gives a lot of deal of the history and what is there to see. I would recommend going on a walk to the outskirts of the park to the pergola and parkland as its very quiet, and not really too far.

      Gordon ListerGordon Lister

      07:33 11 Jun 24
      Well worth a visit

      Eyüp TkcEyüp Tkc

      06:59 11 Jun 24

      Inês CostaInês Costa

      22:25 10 Jun 24

      Mauro BetschartMauro Betschart

      18:18 10 Jun 24
      If you are on a budget, you can go right at 4pm and enjoy the park for half price. You'll have enough time to visit almost all of the park before 7pm

      Shravan A VShravan A V

      07:17 30 May 24
      When visiting the botanic garden, it's best to go on a bright, sunny day and be prepared with good shoes and a plan. The garden is quite large, so it's not possible to see everything in a single day. It's recommended to wear comfortable walking shoes, bring a bottle of water, an umbrella, and do a bit of planning beforehand. Those with a background in botany or a strong interest in plants will find it especially enjoyable.

      Michael ForstnerMichael Forstner

      05:15 30 May 24

      keto chikvinidzeketo chikvinidze

      00:11 30 May 24

      Robin PickeringRobin Pickering

      22:55 29 May 24

      Michelle KayMichelle Kay

      22:12 29 May 24

      Anna EnglandAnna England

      08:19 19 May 24
      Such a brilliant day out.

      Re CRe C

      07:48 19 May 24
      Went for the Saturday morning yoga session inside the Temperament House. The class was amazing and so was the location. Afterwards was able to stroll around Kew and see more beautiful flowers.

      husam alhsainhusam alhsain

      07:23 19 May 24


      05:04 19 May 24

      Anne DammanAnne Damman

      01:33 19 May 24

      Corrine RiglerCorrine Rigler

      06:49 08 May 24

      Geoff EdwardsGeoff Edwards

      20:35 07 May 24
      Beutiful Just so beautiful 🙏❤️🙏

      Ben HathawayBen Hathaway

      18:36 07 May 24

      Rhea CoRhea Co

      18:18 07 May 24

      Kristina BerenyiKristina Berenyi

      18:12 07 May 24
      Amazing place, with beautiful nature and great kids area

      Jose SantosJose Santos

      07:09 29 Apr 24

      Waldemar KoszałkowskiWaldemar Koszałkowski

      07:01 29 Apr 24
      A fantastic place to relax, although the ticket costs a bit.However, a walk among the treetops should be worth the expense.With a bit of luck, you may encounter a Polish woman checking tickets at the entrance

      Jo DadenJo Daden

      06:28 29 Apr 24

      Allan & Susan KwokAllan & Susan Kwok

      05:44 29 Apr 24

      Myriam LefèvreMyriam Lefèvre

      19:21 28 Apr 24

      Irina NistorIrina Nistor

      06:51 17 Apr 24

      John McJohn Mc

      23:02 16 Apr 24
      Beautiful but pricey

      Barbara LandamoreBarbara Landamore

      20:16 16 Apr 24
      Excellent day out plenty to see and do.Glasshouses are amazing

      Tara BartnikTara Bartnik

      18:18 16 Apr 24
      Perfect time to visit in Spring, saw bluebells and lots of other flowers. Only explored a corner but was gorgeous.

      john clarkjohn clark

      18:10 16 Apr 24
      Loved the high level walkway!

      Lynne WindleLynne Windle

      13:15 05 Apr 24
      Going back in the summer

      Sean O'hUaillaighSean O'hUaillaigh

      09:35 05 Apr 24
      Great place still but would not recommend eating there

      Nicolas DreyfusNicolas Dreyfus

      09:17 05 Apr 24
      One of the best horticultural venue in the World!!!04/04/2024 We went to the Bleuey Easter "Parade" a drawing of the Bley=uey family was on the advertising and although a trail was designed to participate to the Bleuey adventure.... it was quite disapointing to ONLY meet the real Bleuye and none of his family ;-(But an excellent Marketing ploye from Key GardenIf the food at the Family Restaurant was decent it is a pitty that it is so badly understaffed and that the great salad have no dressing besides the unapetising Salad dressing that ruin it all.A bottle of olive oil will have been so easy to offer and will have elevate it all. You can do better!

      spiritdove65 Olsonspiritdove65 Olson

      06:15 05 Apr 24

      Klodian PetsaniKlodian Petsani

      22:06 04 Apr 24

      Rosy GarlandRosy Garland

      08:25 23 Mar 24

      A place to stay for a long time walking and enjoying nature.

      Nice gardens, love walking round. I recommend a day to take everything in if you don’t fancy rushing near the end:)

      kola savagekola savage

      21:30 22 Mar 24


      12:52 22 Mar 24
      Amazing collection and better than that in terms of the maintenance of a wondrous place. Staff are helpful and knowledgeable. Some decent food and lots to explore. Four hours isn’t enough but it’s a good start. Great restaurant at the train station a couple blocks away - Tap on the Line. Yum.

      Ben AllenBen Allen

      06:39 12 Mar 24
      Maybe it's the lonfon effect but everything was just a little more expensive than it felt like it should be.Everyone was like lovely and the gardens were stunning and very interesting

      Xavier SwancellesteXavier Swancelleste

      22:12 11 Mar 24
      Congrats to all of the people who have helped to put the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens together. Especially the glass hot houses that seem to be a masterpiece of ingenuity in Botanical Garden architecture. Helping to house the world's most diverse collection of living plants. Kew Gardens is Londons largest UNESCO world heritage site and also a world leading scientific research center.Whenever you can walk around the themed gardens high (59ft) upon the Treetop Walkway or explore the glass hot houses. All just 30 minutes from Central London.Home to an exotic rainforest the palm house, discover different climate zones at the Princess of Wales Conservatory or look at the giant lily pads at the water lily house. Walk along the Great Broadwalk Borders and see a collection of thousands of plants or visit the Arboretum with about 14,000 trees. The gardens also include the ornate Great Pagoda and Kew Palace the former summer residence of King George III which is open in the summer months.Davis Alpine House is an indoor collection of Alpine plants housed in natural conditions.Botanists can see more than 800 artworks in the Marianne North Gallery or explore 2,000years of knowledge in the library and reading room. It is very easy to fill a whole day and more exploring Kew Gardens 132 hectare (362 acres) site. However it is recommended to spend at least 3 to 4 hours to make the most of the Gardens. And I think that if you don't know your way around the gardens.then do collect a pathway map from the entrance gate. And decide exactly where you want to go. If you are not very familiar with the area.The nearest tube station is Kew Gardens (District Line) which is 500 meters from the Victoria Gate entrance. The nearest train station is Kew Bridge which is 800 meters from the Elizabeth Gate entrance. Bus routes 65 and 391 stop near entry gates. While routes 237 and 267 connect to nearby Kew Bridge station.Picnics are allowed throughout Kew Gardens so you can bring your own food and enjoy an outdoor lunch or snack. However the food and drink is especially well done through a wide variety of cafés and restaurants. So look out for the seasonal specialities and food foraged from its own Gardens. All of their cafés and restaurants use as many ingredients from the gardens as possible and offer a wide range of plant based options.Family Kitchen & Shop=Food Hall with Stone Baked Pizza, Salads and Sandwiches, Hot Counter & Ice Cream Servery.(££)Orangery=Coffee, Cakes and Light Meals. Best for a more informal Lunch or Coffee Break. (£-££)Pavilion Bar & Grill= Burgers & Mediterranean inspired dishes grilled on charcoal or smoked over wood. Best for a hearty Lunch or Afternoon Meal. (££-£££)Botanical Brasserie= All day formal dining with modern British Cuisine from; Breakfast,Lunch to Afternoon Tea. (£-££)Victoria Plaza Café= Coffee,Cakes, Sandwiches & Snacks. Best for a Coffee Break.

      Jo HicksJo Hicks

      22:07 11 Mar 24
      Beautiful place. Really enjoyed our day out with easy parking at £9 a day. Food is very pricey, so maybe worth taking a picnic.


      21:59 11 Mar 24
      Unfortunately overpriced. Pretty garden with plenty to see, but charged full price despite every attraction being closed (palace, pagoda, Hive etc). Also maybe try charging less for those arriving in the p.m.

      Loulou DaviesLoulou Davies

      20:45 11 Mar 24
      What’s not to like about this place?? Whether you’re a plant officionado or a mum with small children there’s plenty to occupy your time, even in these cooler months. The volunteers run tours to give you that extra level of insight into the history of the place. Definitely worth a few visits as I’m sure you’d see something different every time. Food offerings are good but of course a little on the pricey side but you could always take a picnic.

      george sandgeorge sand

      07:39 02 Mar 24

      Larry TiplerLarry Tipler

      20:06 01 Mar 24

      Sarah RigbySarah Rigby

      18:04 01 Mar 24

      Caprice JosephCaprice Joseph

      17:50 01 Mar 24
      If you are on certain benefits you can get in for £1 which is a fantastic scheme. You can also get young adult tickets at a reduced price. I think the full price adult tickets seem a little pricey. I will definitely return at the reduced cost but I wouldn't at full price.The gardens are obviously well looked after. The temporary orchid display was nice. There were some interesting plants I'd never seen before. Plenty of helpful maps online to help you around - including disabled access. Orangery food was expensive but the food in the Family Kitchen was reasonable. Overall a really nice day and I imagine later in the year it will be nicer to visit than in February.

      Roz WatersRoz Waters

      10:36 01 Mar 24


      19:51 03 Feb 24


      19:47 03 Feb 24
      Great. Thank you.

      Suki SamraSuki Samra

      17:25 03 Feb 24
      Lovely place to go for a long walk.

      Gill HearneGill Hearne

      15:20 03 Feb 24

      Purple RainePurple Raine

      14:23 03 Feb 24
      Stunning day, stunning gardens, stunning experience.You won't regret it

      Cora HamiltonCora Hamilton

      01:17 28 Jan 24
      Must visit for everyone.

      Roman MultanovskiyRoman Multanovskiy

      21:41 27 Jan 24

      Wendy O'HanlonWendy O'Hanlon

      18:14 27 Jan 24
      Lovely day out, just wandering around the gardens. There is so much to see even at winter time. We shall be returning in the summer to see how things change through the year.

      Convenient location for a sit down/pit stop coffee break before catching 85 Bus back to Putney!!Staff are very pleasant and helpful.Toilets are spotlessly clean!!

      shibani boseshibani bose

      22:25 26 Jan 24

      Sadiya WaseemSadiya Waseem

      06:52 21 Jan 24

      Elisabeth DavidElisabeth David

      00:53 21 Jan 24


      23:15 20 Jan 24
      Magnificent gardens, I recommend both to botany enthusiasts and to simple tourists like me!

      Savith SSavith S

      21:36 20 Jan 24

      myrtle wileymyrtle wiley

      19:27 20 Jan 24
      Very quiet as it was winter. Wish I had booked tickets for the night lights.

      Joelle HongJoelle Hong

      01:26 14 Jan 24
      Visited in the middle of winter so wasn't expecting too much, but was still blown away by the extensive collection of plants within the conservatories. We followed one of the free walking tours which was very informative. Our guide Jane shared many interesting facts and stories of many plants. The cafe and gift shop is worth a look as it is well stocked with books, plants, souvenirs etc.

      Laura ArenieceLaura Areniece

      23:35 13 Jan 24

      Algirdas BruzasAlgirdas Bruzas

      23:27 13 Jan 24


      20:04 13 Jan 24

      Tony SargeantTony Sargeant

      15:40 13 Jan 24
      It's the first time we have been in the dark as this was the Christmas lights we went for especially, but they not only surpassed anything one could wish for with the lighting but the length was also surprising to all of us. It went on a great deal longer than we would have thought. A great time for all ages and would not hesitate to go again in the day to look at the gardens or next Christmas as this is an experience well worth the journey.

      Guniz SevalGuniz Seval

      08:34 07 Jan 24

      Jerry BartlettJerry Bartlett

      23:02 06 Jan 24
      The Christmas lights 2021 were amazing


      22:14 06 Jan 24

      Irene PapadopoulouIrene Papadopoulou

      18:46 06 Jan 24
      A must see Christmas attraction, very well organized, an event to remember

      Milos BanicMilos Banic

      16:57 06 Jan 24
      What a great expirience!!!!

      Camelia PanaCamelia Pana

      00:57 01 Jan 24

      A FA F

      20:56 31 Dec 23

      Jinan ChehabJinan Chehab

      18:35 31 Dec 23

      Christmas at Kew was amazing, as always!

      treis notestreis notes

      06:46 25 Dec 23

      Soumyasree GhoshSoumyasree Ghosh

      03:15 25 Dec 23

      Swati SinghSwati Singh

      22:02 24 Dec 23

      Donna WhiteDonna White

      19:06 24 Dec 23

      Samuel SaundersSamuel Saunders

      06:57 18 Dec 23

      Milpa DesaiMilpa Desai

      06:18 18 Dec 23

      mohamed matougmohamed matoug

      05:06 18 Dec 23

      Emma MurrayEmma Murray

      07:24 11 Dec 23
      Kew Gardens is truly amazing. I have been for the Christmas lights and through the day. Loved both times. The lights and music were so beautiful and is always a great start to the festive season. Still haven't managed to see everything through the day but that just means ill definitely be back. Great exhibitions and love that they promote sustainability and improving eco systems.


      04:54 11 Dec 23

      Gregory HudsonGregory Hudson

      00:53 11 Dec 23
      The Christmas at Kew event is delightful and impressive. We were fortunate to experience good weather (although it was a little cold!) which allowed us to fully appreciate the sights and sounds.Lots of stalls selling food and drink were available and service was quick.Recommend attending this event if possible.

      Alan HurstAlan Hurst

      23:47 10 Dec 23
      One of the best days we have had for a long time. The light show and all attractions was fantastic and plenty of refreshments all around the Gardens

      Hannah ClementHannah Clement

      23:12 10 Dec 23
      Brilliant lights display. Approx 2 hour walk. Loads to see, well worth the price.


      07:54 04 Dec 23

      Bamrung JantakulBamrung Jantakul

      01:38 04 Dec 23

      Emilie Sc.Emilie Sc.

      23:53 03 Dec 23
      Went for the Christmas lights, absolutely magical and beautiful. It gets cold quite fast at night but with warm clothes and some hot chocolate it is perfect!

      Carmen FarrugiaCarmen Farrugia

      21:43 03 Dec 23

      Seb LondonSeb London

      20:59 03 Dec 23
      What can I say? It is magnificent! I'm glad to be a member.

      Keith BakerKeith Baker

      02:26 24 Nov 23
      Took a quick 2hr run through the gardens. Absolutely stunning how many crazy plants they have from everywhere.

      Chris BaldwinChris Baldwin

      23:59 23 Nov 23

      Sheila MakepeaceSheila Makepeace

      23:00 23 Nov 23

      David SmithDavid Smith

      21:06 23 Nov 23
      We saw the Christmas lights on 22-11-23. It took two hours and the whole event was amazing. This was our 4th visit for Christmas and was certainly the best yet, not to say the previous were disappointing because the certainly weren't.It was great value for money. Lots and lots of food and drink outlets with a great variety, some more value for money than others. In my opinion the best value for money was the loaded Yorkshire puddings. Great event and will be back next year.

      Diana CostaDiana Costa

      18:09 23 Nov 23

      Danny DavidsonDanny Davidson

      22:11 14 Nov 23
      Just a beautiful place really good scenery

      Eliza BangheorgheEliza Bangheorghe

      16:28 14 Nov 23

      Deanna MDeanna M

      14:36 14 Nov 23
      It's an easy train ride from London. It was pretty and awesome!

      Manon LapierreManon Lapierre

      12:11 14 Nov 23
      I have visited quite a few botanical gardens and this one is spectacular.

      Dean RussellDean Russell

      18:31 02 Nov 23
      A few nice autumn colours!!!, ans Sion House.


      15:01 02 Nov 23

      Nigel AldridgeNigel Aldridge

      14:55 02 Nov 23
      If the weather is good great place to visit beautiful


      14:45 02 Nov 23
      i'm not even that into plants personally, they are cool and interesting but not one of my main interests in life. but even i appreciated how cool it was to see all the plants from across the world growing in dreary SW London. cool stuff, touch all the leaves you can! some make you tingly!

      Emma SaltEmma Salt

      00:19 25 Oct 23
      Amazing place to visit

      srija chakrabortysrija chakraborty

      23:51 24 Oct 23

      A ksaA ksa

      21:54 24 Oct 23

      A KA K

      21:38 24 Oct 23

      S K GiledoS K Giledo

      20:48 24 Oct 23
      Deserves zero stars. Refused entry as National Rail proof of purchase would not update on phone. Also refused a pregnant woman and two year old to use the toilets. Ridiculous elitist and prejudice attitude and behaviour.

      Alexander BerrisfordAlexander Berrisford

      22:20 15 Oct 23
      Kew is an incredibly special place; can recommend roaming around with the hope of getting lost in the beautiful grounds. The princess of wales conservatory is a fave for the diverse range of plants and climates under one roof.

      Lili LLili L

      21:52 15 Oct 23
      We had such an incredible time at Kew Gardens last weekend. It's a very big and peaceful place which is quite easy to access by public transport. There are different houses sheltering many varieties of plants from various countries. There is also a tree walk from which you can have a view of the city and the park (accessible by stairs or lift). Forgot your picnic ? There are different cafés and restaurants in the gardens catering for different tastes and budgets. I would definitely return to this (not so) little haven.

      Awad HamzaAwad Hamza

      21:43 15 Oct 23
      Good time would be to visit during spring!

      Sander BollenSander Bollen

      21:18 15 Oct 23
      Huge botanical garden. Arboretum is impressive with giant redwoods. A nice break from the city.

      Charlotte GatteyCharlotte Gattey

      21:17 15 Oct 23

      Fahid DadabhoyFahid Dadabhoy

      08:45 07 Oct 23


      00:24 07 Oct 23

      Fred ServalFred Serval

      21:37 06 Oct 23
      Fantastic (but very expensive).

      Neha PatwariNeha Patwari

      20:56 06 Oct 23
      AMAZING! I wish I could visit it every month to see the changing scenery. Such a beautiful and knowledge full place!

      Mara SílviaMara Sílvia

      17:20 06 Oct 23

      Carl RayerCarl Rayer

      04:20 29 Sep 23

      Andie de VilliersAndie de Villiers

      20:35 28 Sep 23

      Anna WalczakAnna Walczak

      17:37 28 Sep 23

      Clare WalfordClare Walford

      17:18 28 Sep 23
      Amazing place. Everyone must visit during the day and then whenever there is an event... they know how to party!

      Keith WatkinsKeith Watkins

      15:28 28 Sep 23

      s ss s

      00:49 22 Sep 23

      Aidan MoralesAidan Morales

      23:24 21 Sep 23

      tracey ellistracey ellis

      21:41 21 Sep 23

      Sholto id-iom BrownSholto id-iom Brown

      20:47 21 Sep 23

      Kate FrangiamoreKate Frangiamore

      20:39 21 Sep 23

      Heshmat ShojaHeshmat Shoja

      04:49 14 Sep 23

      Norbert KangNorbert Kang

      21:44 13 Sep 23

      Pia FrandsenPia Frandsen

      20:55 13 Sep 23

      Stephen HolcombStephen Holcomb

      20:53 13 Sep 23
      What a great experience to see loads of different plants, trees, bushes, shrubbery, and fauna from all over the world. We thoroughly enjoyed walking around and exploring the gardens. We even had a wonderful couple named Archie and Tina (Argentina is what they call themselves) get us in for free on their passes as their guests as it was my wife's birthday. Some of the greenhouses need a bit of TLC, but the biodiversity balances it out. Also cool is the Kew Palace where Mad George III chilled at a lot with his lady folk. Parking isn't too terrible if you can find a spot. Only cost us £6 to park. But if a busy day it can be a bit of a pain.

      tania beheratania behera

      20:41 13 Sep 23
      A place to visit and store the memory for a lifetime. I advise you to not use a camera but to click pictures in your mind. Experience and see everything with your eyes not through any artificial lens.

      Alan HillAlan Hill

      04:39 07 Sep 23
      Watching star wars run by luna cinema. A 5 star experience but parking the car was an issue

      John HammondsJohn Hammonds

      20:49 06 Sep 23
      This is a fantastic place you must go and see, that much to look at ,worth ever penny .

      Rory PageRory Page

      18:17 06 Sep 23

      szymon biziewskiszymon biziewski

      18:08 06 Sep 23

      Mary KirkMary Kirk

      17:50 06 Sep 23
      Stunning place so much to see, we were there 5 hours and still had more to see

      Benedek VargaBenedek Varga

      18:03 24 Aug 23
      Omg, this place is simply amazing. The gardens are beautiful with plants to look at all year round, there are greenhouses of all different temperatures with wonderful and intriguing plants. There are various places to eat with slightly overpriced, but still delicious food and drink.This is an amazing choice for a day trip, if you don't mind walking because the area is huge (132 hectares I think), or a brilliant option for a weekend in London. Especially those who have small children, may want to visit multiple times to avoid excessive and tiring walking. I recommend this to families, parties of 1 and anyone else, as there is simply nothing bad about the place. There are accommodations for small children, the less able (whether that be not being able to walk or something else) and there are water fountains and toilets every couple hundred metres. There is a guided tour to aid you and you can visit the main attractions like the great pagoda or the treetop walkway. Alternatively you can walk around the fields and look at all the plants that they have at your own pace - it is a garden after all. Tickets are not the cheapest but coupons are available from things like the gardener's world magazine, however I still recommend visiting! There are even various plants found almost nowhere else on earth. The royal botanical gardens are a good experience for the less fond of nature as well, due to the lovely walks and non-plant related attractions.In short:You should visit, it is highly worth it. Don't spend too much time looking at the photos - it'll spoil the trip!

      Akash OakAkash Oak

      11:09 21 Aug 23
      Summertime is a must visit!Sitting underneath a tree and enjoying the breeze makes it amazing.The gardens themselves are clean and the staff is very helpful, lovely bunch.It was a tad bit crowded, but given the beautiful day, it was understandable.

      Lorenzo OrsiniLorenzo Orsini

      09:39 19 Aug 23
      Amazing and delightful gardens that can be easily reached from London with a 40-50 minutes train ride. The entrance is included with the London Pass but if you don’t have it you should go anyways as the visit is totally worth the ticket price. There are numerous attractions and point of interests inside such as the Hive, the Kew Palace, the Treetop Walkway and numerous glasshouses filled with plants and flowers of every kind. Nice shop with beautiful souvenirs

      Kalyani MathurKalyani Mathur

      21:03 14 Aug 23
      Absolutely beautiful! A great day out for couples, families and kids. Lots of open spaces to run around for little ones and a few cafés as well. The greenhouses are well maintained and house some amazing species of plants.

      Wei GardensWei Gardens

      21:58 13 Aug 23
      1. As a plant lover and succulent enthusiast, we went there with high expectations! The architectures were amazing, love the hive idea.2. The palm house and the Prince Wales gardens have loads of plants the same, we would expect as a research and guiding leader, they’ll specialize in their collection. I know it’s really hard, as I mess my plants together as I have too many as well.3. The employees were not really well educated, we asked them about why the gardens named after Kew, no idea.4. One thing annoyed us: we took a tram around the gardens, one senior Indian man with cane (obviously had problem with his legs) was told to get off to give his seat to a group of six, he had to move to another spot with great efforts, the reason the driver gave was : they got the tickets before him. We got the tickets last and got on, then the group of 6 showed up, so I doubt the reason or excuse.5. During the tram ride, the guide mistakenly said the Chinese garden to be a Japanese one and corrected himself immediately. He’s an experienced guide not a newbie, so that’s kind of a basic mistake.6. The souvenir gift store is a bit disappointing, not many featured gifts available, this is the botanical garden I spent the least on souvenirs- I just need a Kew Gardens patch or a magnet or T shirt… none!7. We did see some exotic and rare plants and flowers, thank for that.

      Lacey MasonLacey Mason

      19:51 10 Aug 23
      What a beautiful place! I have a members pass so we arrived at 8.30am before it opened to the public. This was just lovely! It felt like we had the whole place to ourselves - we arrived to The Palm House with not a soul in sight, like our own private unveiling! The park gradually got busier but considering it was the school holidays it was still very pleasant and not too busy. All glasshouses were easy to walk around and no queues to get in. All areas were so clean and well kept, all gardens were pristine and everything was labelled with what it was making it not only pretty but interesting. Lots of space for just a walk around or lots of things to learn and explore. Perfect for individuals, couples or families.

      Milica DjordjevicMilica Djordjevic

      17:35 10 Aug 23
      Absolutely marvelous!One full day was not enough to see everything, there's so much to explore. Everything is thoughtfully planned and put together, i can't choose a favourite part!There are 3 different restaurants that i saw, went for Mediterranean one and had lemon&herb chicken burger which was amazing.This is definitely so far the best 20something pounds spent in this city!

      Maureen SmithMaureen Smith

      09:46 09 Aug 23
      I visited for a day. It wasn’t really anywhere near long enough but I was exhausted even though there was so much more to see! A fantastic exhibition of horticultural specimen which were amazing! Loved it and would go again tomorrow! However, another time will suffice and I'm sure it will be fantastic!

      Greg LengkeekGreg Lengkeek

      05:56 09 Aug 23
      So many areas to see in the botanical gardens, more than a day is really needed to view everything in detail. Architecture and layout of the gardens is lovely. We held a picnic like many other families, perfect way to spend a day on the weekend. Would definitely suggest booking tickets in advance, the e-ticket line was significantly faster.

      Aleksandra IAleksandra I

      08:41 08 Aug 23
      Absolutely amazing place, I'm not overly obsessed with the plants but I went with my friend as she loves plants and I didn't regret going. It was absolutely stunning and I will definitely go again. The weather wasn't our friend unfortunately and it was raining but we still enjoyed it. Looking forward to going again.

      Jackline SpearJackline Spear

      11:06 01 Aug 23
      I liked every corner of it. But the day we went in, there was an event booked, so the garden had to close by 4, so we didn't have enough time to go around. We had to travel all the way to it, to find it closing earlier! No prior email or notification saying so, 😕 a bit of disappointment. Other than that, everywhere we went to was good to great 😃

      Dave FitzGeraldDave FitzGerald

      10:14 22 Jul 23
      Lovely place to spend the day. The glass houses were very impressive. The grounds are full of very established trees which are a delight to see. All the staff are friendly and helpful. We very much enjoyed our visit.

      Libby WalesLibby Wales

      23:16 21 Jul 23
      Can’t believe I’ve lived in London 3 years and never been. So great. So much to see and do. Highly recommend getting tickets for their train, can ride unlimited times which is great if you’re with people who struggle walking so far. Delicious ice cream and coffee to finish the day. Only downfall, ridiculously overpriced cake in the cafe (£5.50 for average cake?!). Aside from that a brilliant day and very easily accessibly by Kew Gardens station. Plus, under 30s are £8.50 (I think) and registered blind & a carer get in free.

      rick van rooijenrick van rooijen

      19:36 20 Jul 23
      Really nice day out in nature, there is a lot to do and see. One day is not really enough to see and do all there is. The prices of the consumptions are a bit on the high side so I'd advise you to bring your own drinks and snacks.

      Emma Koop LiechtyEmma Koop Liechty

      15:56 17 Jul 23
      This was the best thing I did on my trip to London. It was an easy trip on the tube and the gardens were absolutely spectacular. I spent the day wandering the paths, resting on benches in private corners of the park, and enjoying the beautiful botany and architecture of the glass houses. 10/10 recommend!

      M SM S

      21:02 16 Jul 23
      Beautiful botanical gardens, with lots of beautiful landscaped pathways. Excellent facilities including food and drink. Very clean toilets. Very accessible, free wheelchair and scooter hire for those with disabilities.


      16:22 16 Jul 23
      What a fabulous place to visit for all family! The playground is just fabulous. Well designed, close to the cafe and toilets. Lovely outdoor seating area and beautiful flower beds. We has an amazing time

      Robyn WhiteheadRobyn Whitehead

      21:33 09 Jul 23
      Stunning gardens, I'll be visiting again even though we managed to see pretty much everything on our two day trip.The entry fee is worth it just for the view from the platforms high up in the glasshouses, absolutely breathtaking.The redwood forest stood out to me as special as well. Peaceful, and very different to what you might find in similar botanical gardens .

      hendry fernandeshendry fernandes

      22:41 03 Jul 23
      It’s a nice place if you want to go out in a park and spend your day with your family and friends. Nice place to relax and plenty of open spaces to sit and relax. Had this expectations of great flowers from around the world but was a bit disappointed when we found a few. Maybe I am wrong as we did not cover the entire gardens as we arrived a bit late. Overall it’s a nice place to spend with your family and friends

      F PF P

      21:35 26 Jun 23
      The Kew gardens are the place to be for the lovers of plants and nature. Around 1 hour away from the city center with the transportation, Kew gardens are a source of oxygen for the area. A huge plant collection, gorgeous green houses with stunning plant compositions. The gardeners know their thing! Favorite greenhouse was the one with the water lilies. Cute cafes and restaurants around the garden but quite pricey. If you want to see as much as possible, you need the whole day. I found non impressive the Pagoda for which we paid extra. Nothing special in my opinion but a good exercise to go to the top. The hive was a very interesting artwork. Again is a must 🇬🇧🥰

      Meera KaneriaMeera Kaneria

      01:00 26 Jun 23
      The garden is maintained so well. We made a visit on weekday during summer.There were not many people so we saw and enjoyed each spot with very less crowd. We also had some good photos for instagram with no one being on background.Keep in mind to make a visit as early as possible as all of the best galleries would close at 5pm in the even so it's always better to visit early and then rest around garden and cafesI especially loved the shop where they had scented soaps. They were so cool.. I loved it.My overall experience was 10/10

      Asim ChoudheryAsim Choudhery

      19:02 18 Jun 23
      Kew Gardens has a rightly deserved good reputation. It is a fantastic day out.I took my kids, and the quality of the venue in all things is excellent. From the gardens, to the Green Houses to even the benches placed around the grounds are amazing. It was a very memorable day and we look forward to many many more visits.

      Charlotte PartridgeCharlotte Partridge

      11:50 17 Jun 23
      It's a gorgeous place and a really lovely day out, only wish they had more water fountains around, only found 2 in the whole park which isn't great especially when visiting on such a hot day. Overall though, was a lovely date trip with the girlfriend!

      Yvonne MillerYvonne Miller

      11:44 14 Jun 23
      Great place to visit, absolutely beautiful, there are so many things to see and do that you need more than one visit.If you are a member you can gain entrance at 8am, usually opens at 10am for general public.Excellent restaurants on site, serving great food.Recommend visiting the Bee hive, great experience.

      Natalee G.Natalee G.

      08:43 09 Jun 23
      These gardens are amazing. They are huge and you can tell how much the staff loves them because all of the plants are so well taken care of. There were no unhappy plants! It’s great that you can see so many different species here. Definitely something for everyone!

      Jepoi DavidJepoi David

      14:56 29 Oct 22
      Need a whole day to take everything in! This garden is huge! Be prepared to do lots of walking. With so much to see, one needs a whole day to see everything this place has to offer. We used London Pass for admission, if we bought tickets there, it would be around £50 for two adults and one child. Not that expensive compared to other attractions, and I think you get more out of it. We took the the Underground and got off at Kew Gardens station.My son particularly liked the children’s play area which had a climbing structure (we spent an hour there). There is a cafe close by the playground and we got baked goods to tide him over.The Hive is also something I recommend experiencing, it’s an art piece that mimics a beehive. You have to see it for yourself.Just walking around and admiring the size and beauty of the plants and trees is already a great experience in itself.All in all we spent around 3 hours, which is definitely not enough, and would totally come back again.

      Kevin RichardKevin Richard

      21:26 25 Sep 22
      Beautiful Botanical Garden in Kew. This is such a huge garden with so many varieties of trees, plants, flowers, fruits, vegetables from all around the world. Amazing experience. Must visit and is walking distance from Kew station. There are some places in the garden where u get the feeling of being in a tropical country with even the temperatures being humid. Superb

      Gaming LabGaming Lab

      20:08 28 May 22
      It's a very beautiful place and fantastic for families and friends. Because of the sheer size of this place, it's not crowded. Facilities are fantastic, and there are a number of cafes around. I definitely recommend Kew Gardens for a fun day out. If I lived closer to it, I would have bought a yearly pass. I would definitely recommend Kew Gardens to everyone, at least for one visit.


      14:40 23 Mar 22
      A really fantastic and stunning place to visit. There's something for absolutely everyone and you really don't have to be into horticulture to enjoy it. Trying to see absolutely everything in any degree of detail in one visit might be a bit too much, it would take several hours to get round. Treating it as a nice place to go for a walk might be a little bit more realistic.That said, it's quite hard to get information on what you're seeing and to seek out interesting facts. Digital or interactive screens spread around could really help with this. Or perhaps just the option for patrons to scan QR codes. There are occasional plaques with in-depth details, but it's just not quick, easy or fun to consume. Presentations, videos or even an option for augmented reality could really make this something super engaging.Lastly, and up to £20 for an adult, it really is incredibly expensive for a day visit. I completely appreciate the huge amount of upkeep maintenance required and also the peak season will, I'm sure, attract plenty of people willing and able to pay this rate or even higher. However, outside of this period It just doesn't seem that busy and I'm sure I'm more attractive. Price could be offset by an uptick in volume. It would be great if people could come, not just to see Kew gardens but to meet and enjoy social occasions in the stunning grounds.


    • Chloe Walters
      March 29, 2023 at 9:15 am

      Amazing place to spend the afternoon with my parents (not their first visit!). Definitely worth every penny and really easy to get to from Central London (we were staying around Paddington).

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