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Welcome to Oxburgh House and Estate, a stunning moated Tudor mansion nestled in the idyllic Norfolk countryside. With its rich history, beautiful gardens, and fascinating architecture, Oxburgh House and Estate is a super destination for anyone interested in English heritage and culture.

Visitors can explore the many rooms of the house, each filled with intricate woodcarvings, tapestries, and other decorative objects that showcase the incredible craftsmanship of the Tudor era. The Long Gallery, with its ornate plaster ceiling and impressive collection of portraits, is a particular highlight.

Outside, the gardens at Oxburgh House and Estate are a feast for the senses. From the walled garden to the orchard to the rose garden, there's something for every nature lover to enjoy. And for those who enjoy a good walk, there are several trails that wind through the woods and fields surrounding the house.

But Oxburgh House and Estate is more than just a historic house and beautiful gardens. Its rich and varied history includes tales of religious persecution, espionage, and family drama. Visitors can learn about the fascinating people and events that shaped Oxburgh House's past through guided tours, exhibits, and interactive displays.

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