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Welcome to Orford Ness, an extraordinary and unique coastal wilderness located on the Suffolk coast of England. As a former military testing site, Orford Ness is now a National Trust nature reserve and one of the most important sites for nature conservation in Europe.

Visitors can explore the unique landscape of Orford Ness, which features shingle ridges, salt marshes, and reed beds. The area is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including rare birds, plants, and insects, as well as seals and other marine life.

But Orford Ness is more than just a nature reserve. The site's rich history as a military testing site adds to its intrigue and fascination. Visitors can explore the abandoned buildings and structures that dot the landscape, including the iconic “pagodas” which housed experimental radar equipment during World War II.

For those interested in history and science, Orford Ness is an incredible opportunity to learn about the role that this unique site played in the development of radar and other military technologies. And for nature enthusiasts, it's a chance to experience one of the most unique and important habitats in Europe.

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Access to Orford Ness is provided by a National Trust ferry called Octavia. Although admission to Orford Ness is free to National Trust Members, you will need to still pay the ferry fare.  Tickets are released on a weekly rolling basis on a Thursday to maintain roughly 2 weeks advance booking.

For full details of our opening time, please visit our website.

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