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Founded in 1794 by the Stevenson family, Oban distillery sits at the heart of the town and is one of distinctive places to visit in this part of West Scotland.

It is also one of Scotland's smallest distilleries, with a footprint of just over an acre and a team of 14 distillers who carefully craft this exquisite single malt.

A tour of the distillery includes an insight into how our whisky is made and what gives it that ever-so distinctive taste and a guided tasting session to help you identify the subtle notes that go into each of our malts.


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It is recommended that you back ahead to ensure that you get a space on one of our guided tours.  Full details on tour timings are available on our website.

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    • Monty's Guide
      December 4, 2022 at 11:14 am
      Oban Distillery
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      Rick GowanRick Gowan

      04:27 29 Sep 23
      Being a whiskey drinker I am of course up for a tour. The selection of products was good especially as it included product you can’t get in other countries.

      Dirk SterlepperDirk Sterlepper

      22:01 28 Sep 23
      Small but fine distillery. Definitely worth a visit! Well done leadership.

      Karen HenriksenKaren Henriksen

      21:56 28 Sep 23
      This tour was more fun than expected. Our guide, Ian, was a hoot. He had the right combination of fun and knowledge. He made it very entertaining as we learned about how Oban Distillery produces their fine Scotch Whiskies.Highly recommend taking a tour!

      Daniela AlbarracinDaniela Albarracin

      19:37 28 Sep 23

      Jessica SizerJessica Sizer

      03:46 28 Sep 23
      Our guide was fabulous and you got a true 'behind the scenes' view of the distillery. Plus some fabulous tastings!

      Rocky MillerRocky Miller

      18:56 24 Sep 23
      Outstanding tour with Mike!! Obviously a great product combining to be an excellent experience.


      08:58 24 Sep 23
      We toured the Oban Distillery and had a wonderful time! Our tour guide, Iain, was very knowledgeable and entertaining. 10/10 recommend

      Trish WeaverTrish Weaver

      17:53 23 Sep 23
      Small batch high quality whiskey. The tour was fascinating and informative. Ian is an outstanding guide.

      Chris SavageChris Savage

      12:10 22 Sep 23
      Absolutely fantastic tour of the Distillery, Ian our tour guide was wonderful and made the experience even better. Thanks for the wee drams Slàinte mhath

      Kirkwood GoodKirkwood Good

      10:59 21 Sep 23
      Great tour. Ian was a knowlegeable and fun guide. Plus there is a flight of tastings involved!

      James TurnerJames Turner

      15:03 16 Sep 23
      A fun afternoon out with friends.

      Barbara BaugnonBarbara Baugnon

      11:19 16 Sep 23
      I highly recommend taking the tour of the Oban distillery. It was fun and informative. We stayed overnight in Oban on a whim and it was the absolute best. Love this town.

      Timothy LynchTimothy Lynch

      08:12 16 Sep 23
      The distillery tour at Oban Distillery is definitely a worth-while stop for anybody visiting or traveling through Oban. Our guide, Duncan, was knowledgeable, funny, and a warm host to our diverse group. The history of the distillery is fascinating, and of course, the whisky is amazing. 10 out of 10 would recommend.

      Jochen HainJochen Hain

      07:59 16 Sep 23
      It looks nice and is located in the middle of the city, but you can only taste whiskey with a guided tour.

      Korbi MaierKorbi Maier

      07:12 16 Sep 23
      Great tour for a very low price in comparison!We were allowed to try three different whiskeys.Our guide Elsa was very friendly.

      Dan LachaczDan Lachacz

      15:03 09 Sep 23
      Best whisky made. Great tour with Ian !

      Szabolcs NyiriSzabolcs Nyiri

      11:52 09 Sep 23

      Urmil ChalishazarUrmil Chalishazar

      16:16 07 Sep 23
      Amazing experience. Very traditional and worth a visit. Extremely accommodating team. I will highly recommend the visit.

      Peter WiesingerPeter Wiesinger

      15:17 07 Sep 23
      3 nice tastings and very informative.

      Marcin WierzbickiMarcin Wierzbicki

      16:21 06 Sep 23

      Sam WilkinsonSam Wilkinson

      09:05 01 Sep 23
      Thoroughly enjoyed the visit to Oban distillery. Our guide, Mike, was a phenomenal guy - extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the distillery and whisky as a whole. He was really engaging and friendly and made sure to include everyone in the group.Even if you're not a whisky drinker I recommend a visit (you might even leave the tour converted)!

      Pat McMinnPat McMinn

      14:42 31 Aug 23
      I only have walked past the distillery I'm afraid. It is very busy and the shop is always busy as well

      Linda BeggLinda Begg

      22:15 30 Aug 23
      Great experience with a very personable and hugely knowledgeable guide , John.Questions answered and whisky appreciated ! Highly recommended !!

      Dennis McBrydeDennis McBryde

      19:23 30 Aug 23

      Kumkum NadigKumkum Nadig

      20:52 29 Aug 23
      The visitor centre is a buzzing place and has an ambience of a bar, which was not the case with Dalwhinnie and Talisker distilleries visitor centres.


      14:52 17 Aug 23
      I've been to a few distilleries now and this was slightly different for several reasons.The distillery itself is smack bang in the centre of Oban town centre, as opposed to Speyside distilleries which are out in the countryside. So it is nice and convenient if you are in the area.We were offered 3 drams of whisky staged throughout the 1 hour long tour, and given a small glencairn glass which we were provided a box for . The tour guide was well informed and polite, they were running late and this appeared outside of their control, due to short staffing. The Oban 14 year old whisky which is the most well known in the UK at least, is really special and the shop is well stocked, prices are very competitive.

      fawzia ahmedalifawzia ahmedali

      19:44 06 Aug 23
      Wonderful tour of the distillery with many free samples! Our guide, Marco was very knowledgeable and quite funny. I have a renewed appreciation of what it takes to produce yummy whisky. Highly recommend.

      Gavin TaylorGavin Taylor

      14:47 06 Aug 23
      Great tour. Gavin was clear, informative and efficient. We learned how whisky is made and how the different flavours are achieved. We sampled three whiskies at three stages of the tour and those driving could save theirs in small bottles. The hour flew by.

      Aaron KingAaron King

      13:56 30 Jul 23
      Absolutely worth the price of admission. The drinks you're given on the tour alone would be worth the cost! I was fortunate to get a spot an hour in advance since someone cancelled, so you'll definitely want to book in advance. Such a no-brainer if you're in Oban.

      Delaney MillerDelaney Miller

      20:37 11 Jul 23
      We stayed in Oban 4 nights during our honeymoon and decided last minute to do the whiskey tour here, and I'm so glad we did! It was really fun, educational, and helped me appreciate what makes Scotch so unique! We were able to taste a variety of Oban's single malts on the tour and honestly Oban remains my favorite whiskey even after two weeks across Scotland. A really special, small distillery filled with folks who love what they do.


      07:53 07 Jul 23
      We did the distillery tour and had such a good time! I can't remember the name of the gentleman that guided the tour, but he was very friendly and knowledgeable and passionate. The tour was very Informative and we got to taste 3 delicious whiskeys.

      Christine ChenChristine Chen

      14:14 23 Jun 23
      we purchased a tour in advance and had a great time with our guide Mike! Mike was so lovely and explained the process of making whisky very well. Stopping in oban was definitely a treat and I highly recommend it! We were even gifted whisky glasses at the end

      Linda McKenzieLinda McKenzie

      09:06 10 Jun 23
      We had a brilliant tour of the distillery in the very capable hands of Mike. His passion for the brand and expertise are very evident. He made the tour for us. He is humble and so knowledgable. The distillery is unique and so interesting, a tale told so well by Mike. We loved it.

      Franklin LauFranklin Lau

      19:11 29 May 23
      One of the best distillery tour experiences I have ever had. Mark, our guide, was knowledgeable and at the same time funny, so that people without much knowledge about whisky - us - could pick up something from the tour. The distillery itself is small but the product they made is one of the best in Scotland. I appreciate how they run the business while working out to be carbon neutral.

      Lawren LawrenLawren Lawren

      06:59 09 May 23
      We truly enjoyed our visit. Our guide Mark was nice and amusing. He enlightened us on the production procedures and excise collection (I did not know that the King owns all the whisky before it is taxed!). Three drums and a wee gift were a nice surprise.

      Craig HendersonCraig Henderson

      06:51 22 Apr 23
      The Oban Distillery tour was fascinating, enjoyable and informative. Our guide, Jim, was funny, helpful and appropriately Scottish. He made the entire tour great fun for our entire group. The craftsmanship and environmental steps taken by Oban were impressive.

      Laurens BoertjeLaurens Boertje

      10:54 12 Mar 23
      Had a great tasting experience with host Tony. The distillery is a bit small, but that's part of the dna. Overall charming, welcoming, great Scottish accents spoken and interesting limited edition bottles on offer in the shop.Definitely worth a day trip from Glasgow by train.

      Conor Hennessy SykesConor Hennessy Sykes

      18:46 11 Oct 22
      A fantastic tour which is extremely good value for money compared with other distillery tours I have been on in the past. The tour guide puts so much enthusiasm and humour into what is a very informative tour.The distillery is one of the strangest placed I have seen, right in the centre of the town but there is still plenty of work going on here that is worth seeing, espy if you’re a fan of the stuff yourself but even if you’re not.

      Predrag VeljkovicPredrag Veljkovic

      08:36 19 Sep 22
      Oban 14 is one of my favourite whiskies and visit to this distillery was an incredible experience. In the heart of the city, less than 200m from the coast, Oban distillery is the icon of this magical place of 20.000 people. Tour is not expensive and it is definitely worth it, staff is very knowledgeable and friendly and you get to have a tour through the centuries.Also you get to try many whiskies around the distilery or in a bar, which you can't easily find everywhere.Amazing place, amazing distilery, amazing people and definitely an amazing scotch!!!

      Steve BennettSteve Bennett

      11:30 17 Sep 22
      The Oban Distillery is fascinating to visit. The distillery tour led by Cathie is incredible. Her knowledge of Oban’s history and Whisky making process and her stories are great to listen to. A very interesting tour and tastings of some exclusive whiskies is all part of the package.

      Noah ChillingworthNoah Chillingworth

      20:32 21 Jul 22
      We visited the distillery and went on the tour. Well worth the money, very informative with lots of opportunities to try whisky on the way around the Distillery. Our tour guide Jim was funny and definitely made the tour even more enjoyable. We were also given a free glass at the end.

      T. MT. M

      13:05 28 May 22
      Second visit to the distillery, last one in 2016 ish. Mike was such an incredible guide… so informative but also funny and interactive. It was an excellent tour & I learnt lots. Good whisky too!


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