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Dawyck Botanic Garden is a five star Garden renowned for its seasonal displays of snowdrops, bluebells, rhododendrons, azaleas, blue poppies and autumn colour.

Located in the hills of the Scottish Borders, 65-acre Dawyck enjoys an almost continental climate comprising warm dry summers followed by cold, snowy winters.  Plants from the mountainous regions of Europe, China, Nepal, Japan and North America thrive here.  Garden features include:

Heritage Trees:  Dawyck has one of Scotland’s finest tree collections including some of Britain’s oldest and tallest trees, dating back to 1680.  Look out for Douglas fir, European Silver fir and Giant Sierra redwoods.

Azalea Terrace: This historic terrace is a blaze of colour when azaleas bloom in May and June.

Blue Poppies:  The meconopsis, a Himalayan native, thrives in Dawyck’s conditions and a carpet of blue flowers appears under the tree canopy in early June.

Heron Wood Reserve: The Cryptogamic Sanctuary is the world’s first reserve for mosses, liverworts, lichens and fungi.

Snowdrops:  Delicate Galanthus cover the banks of the Scrape Burn in February.

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