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The Cotswolds Distillery is an exceptional example of a new distillery making spirits south of the Scottish border, with both gin and Whisky being produced on site.  The distillery is located close to the town of Shipton-on-Stour and is open daily for guided tours which include a visit to the mash tuns, pot still and bonded warehouse, where 100's of barrels of whisky are slowly maturing on large, steel racks that stretch up to the ceiling.

All tours include a tasting session in a very cool bar / lounge area, and for those designed with the task of driving home, samples are provided to take with you.

On site there is a superb shop where you can buy the core collection as well as some limited edition bottles that are much harder to get hold of.  There is also a very cosy cafe inside, as well as a beautiful patio for when the British weather decides to be kind...


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    • Monty's Guide
      December 31, 2022 at 10:33 am
      Cotswolds Distillery Visitor Centre
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      Nicholas GaleNicholas Gale

      14:53 26 Sep 23
      Good as always

      Billy HodgkinsBilly Hodgkins

      06:46 24 Sep 23

      Tracey SwiftTracey Swift

      07:57 22 Sep 23
      Great informative tour. After the tour, you get to taste as many gins or whiskeys as you would like, and for the drivers in the group, they get takeaway sample selection.

      Mark SMark S

      15:30 20 Sep 23
      Birthday present visit and tasting. Large car park, brilliant cafe before and after if required. Tasting was very informative and interesting. Found a new favorite whiskey, and local 👍, so bonus. Wanted to try the Caribbean cask, but not will have to revisit 🍻😁....oh ..also distilled local Gin !!

      Mac MoullMac Moull

      15:05 17 Sep 23
      Cool destination for a tour, drink, eat or just chill.

      ian trombleyian trombley

      14:43 16 Sep 23
      Well worth a visit, and a great learning experience if you enjoy your whiskey

      George DunnGeorge Dunn

      12:03 15 Sep 23
      Excellent. Coffee and cake, what's not to like. Great place to sit inside or out. Friendly staff.

      Martin CollinsMartin Collins

      11:49 13 Sep 23

      Pierre RipetPierre Ripet

      20:54 11 Sep 23
      Really nice place, excellent visit and tasting. I highly recommend it, and the pizza's after the tasting were very good too.

      Alessandro VittadelloAlessandro Vittadello

      13:35 09 Sep 23
      Good company with excellent spirits.

      Rob de Raad (Tio Rob)Rob de Raad (Tio Rob)

      20:34 07 Sep 23
      Perfect tour and tasting. Tasted all the whiskies. I'll be back...:)

      Ryan SmithRyan Smith

      06:29 03 Sep 23
      We visited for a tour which was great, Lots of information and plenty of tasting. The cafe was also excellent, the pizza and garlic bread were fresh and tested great. Lots of variety of gin and whisky in the shop too. The staff were all very welcoming, everyone went above and beyond to make sure you had a good time. The tour guide was amazing, Charlotte, she made the tour with a good balance of humour and information.

      Jitendra PawarJitendra Pawar

      02:45 23 Aug 23
      Very nice n wonderful experience when visited in Dec 2022 while our Visit to meet Son staying in London. Even purchase miniatures of Whisky n gin.... Owsome taste of it not the one we use to have in Mumbai.... Keep It up

      Tony PufferTony Puffer

      11:41 22 Aug 23
      We searched for somewhere cool to ride out to for lunch and we were absolutely delighted that we found the cafe attached to the distillery. Such beautiful surroundings to enjoy a lovely lunch at reasonable prices. We shall definitely be back.

      Mark CaronMark Caron

      15:11 21 Aug 23
      Very interesting and enjoyable tour. Jo who looked after our tasting session was informative, very friendly and helpful

      Drewie 77Drewie 77

      14:12 19 Aug 23

      LeiDen NombredaLeiDen Nombreda

      12:44 09 Jul 23
      Came to visit today with my disabled child in a campervan obviously we need to park our van in a disabled bay. As we are new to the place both my wife came down to have a look if the area would be accessible for the wheelchair. We are then approached by one of the staff and told to remove our car as campervan are not aloud without asking if we have a disabled badge. I can't believe how they treat tourist that come to visit the place. In fairness the staff did apologise but my point is that without asking first if we got a disabled badge they instantly told us to leave and remove our van. To make the matter worst as I approached the till the staff never apologise but instead discourage us by telling us that they don't accept card only cash, which he was surprised that we had cash. As the guy said that "before you come in we don't accept card at the moment" he is more concerned about payment rather than making the customer welcomed. So with all that we decided not to come in. My son was that distraught that he doesn't want to come in. If I were you to think twice before visiting this place....Or is it because we are asian.

      Harry THarry T

      21:21 04 Jul 23
      The tour was so so good. Great to see the distillery in action. Tasting was ace. Hattie was a brilliant guide - thank you

      Sonia HamiltonSonia Hamilton

      18:59 15 May 23
      One of the best distillery tours we've done. The tour guide was very knowledgeable about both the whiskey and gins that are produced at the distillery. The venue is very pretty and in the beautiful settings of the countryside of the Cotswolds.The staff were so friendly and happy to help or answer questions, the tasting afterwards was amazing as we got to try as many whiskeys/gins as we wanted.The food served at the cafe was delicious and much needed after all the tasting we did and of course a few bottles were bought from the gift shop before heading home. If travelling to the Cotswolds for a break/long weekend I would highly recommend a visit to the Distillery...

      Debbie WilliamsDebbie Williams

      06:37 28 Apr 23
      Such a wonderful tour, especially on a rainy afternoon. Our guide was entertaining and knowledgeable and the tasting afterwards was very generous. We stayed for a delicious bite in the cafe and went away with beautiful Gin!

      Alex ReidyAlex Reidy

      11:31 26 Mar 23
      Amazing place to visit. The guided tour and tasting was fantastic. The tour guide was very knowledgeable and engaging and showed us all the buildings and how they produced whiskey and gin. Well worth the visit.

      Sascha KSascha K

      16:21 02 Feb 23
      Absolutely fantastic place to visit regardless if just going for some food and drink or the full tour and tasting experience.Ambiance and hospitality of the employees was fantastic. You could tell they truly enjoyed their workplace and what they were doing.Doesn't hurt that their Gin and Whiskey collection is yummy as well.

      Kaushik KrishnanKaushik Krishnan

      17:30 28 Jan 23
      We showed up on a lark, with no prior bookings. They graciously accommodated us on a tour, which was expertly conducted by Nicola. The food at the cafe was excellent, and the gins and whiskey tasting was very fun! We left with some new bottles and fond memories.

      I've been to a few distilleries and tours. By far, this was the best experience.Allison was very pleasant and knowledgeable throughout the tour and also in running the tasting afterwards.The overall story, and the ambiance of the Cotswolds Distillery is very inviting and engaging.This is also one of the few tours that lets you try the new make whiskey, which I would like to say is some of the most drinkable new make I have ever had.Higher proof whiskeys, so the nose tends to not be as complex, but the flavor is supreme.Coming to the Gins, these are also a beautifully balanced taste and the unfiltered cloudiness and the flavours that come through from that, are better than any gin I have had to date.Highly recommend giving this place a visit.

      Louise BarnbyLouise Barnby

      17:57 01 Nov 22
      Brilliant visit, great tour, Nicola was friendly, knowledgeable and funny, she made the whole visit amazing. We can not speak highly of her, from start to finish, whilst sampling she made the whole group feel included, those who were and were not drinking.Nicola is a massive personality within your team. Thank you Nicola for making our visit the best gin tour we have been on and we have been on several 😀The only down side was we bought a pen and realised when we got home it was not put in the bigger bag from bottle bag, should of contact them but life took over. Still an amazing time 😊One last thing, visit the cafe, food is lovely 😍

      Peter WilcoxPeter Wilcox

      14:49 14 Aug 22
      Absolutely brilliant, can't recommend it enough, very knowledgeable and friendly staff and the whisky speaks for itself, Melissa our tour guide was very very good and susy on the counter was very pleasent, would definitely go again, 👍

      Robert BrogliaRobert Broglia

      07:01 06 Jun 22
      The Cotswold Distillery is a fantastic place for Whisky and Gin drinkers alike. I would highly recommend the distillery tour. It's an interesting tour to go on but you get to taste all the Whisky and Gin they supply so if you've not tried one before, here's your chance. Suzy, our tour guide was friendly, funny, and informative. All the staff are friendly. They offer a selection of nice food for snacks and lunch, including stone baked pizza and some excellent cakes

      Sarah BarrattSarah Barratt

      18:21 27 May 22
      Myself and my other half (as lovers of gin and whisky respectively!) decided to visit for a tour and tasting on our way back home from a trip away. We're both already fans of the produce but wanted a chance to try some different ones and learn a bit more about how it's made. Hattie was a fabulous guide, very knowledgeable and kept everyone laughing too! Lovely afternoon with a bonus of some really nice food from the cafe. Would definitely recommend a visit and we look forward to returning after the upcoming expansion!

      David HollanderDavid Hollander

      16:18 26 Mar 22
      Great little distillery in the middle of nowhere. Don’t be worried if your sat nav takes you down some very narrow single track roads, you will get there eventually. Book your tour well in advance as they were fully booked when we turned up on the off chance but they still made us very welcome and we had a short video presentation and then sampled the various whisky’s and gins available before deciding which to take home. Add to that a great little tea or coffee shop, very clean toilets and the best (and biggest) carrot cake we’ve in a long time what more could you want. Highly recommended

      Emma MarshallEmma Marshall

      09:19 05 Feb 22
      We visited yesterday for the Gin Masterclass Experience. We had the most fabulous, fun filled 3 hours and Brian, our host, was simply wonderful! Very knowledgeable and kept us laughing throughout. We enjoyed learning the history behind the gin and loved sampling ALl the different flavours before deciding how to blend our own gin (There was a lot to try!). Great we could mix it up our experiment with a tonic and garnish to get a real sense of the taste before we committed to the final product! Mine just needed a dash of grapefruit added to it so great I could go back and tweak the recipe, as many of us did. Of course you get a tad drunk but that's all part of the fun! The drinks weren't in short supply! We really enjoyed sampling the other gins at the end with Brian and a few other couples. We were curious about the 1616 and the wildflower gins so of course it led us to buying a bottle or two before heading back. Alison your a star! Thank you for sorting out a taxi for us! Yours and Brians banter certainly had us laughing. Everyone was warm, friendly and helpful and we really enjoyed our time there. Would highly recommend as lots to do as part of the experience and good value for money we thought. Definitely the better of the two gin experiences we have done. THANK YOU!


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