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Located in the heart of London, the British Museum is a world-renowned institution that houses some of the most significant and fascinating artefacts from human history. Founded in 1753, the museum boasts a collection of over eight million objects spanning thousands of years and numerous cultures.

From the awe-inspiring Egyptian mummies to the intricate Greek sculptures and stunning Islamic ceramics, the British Museum offers a unique and fascinating insight into the history of humanity. Visitors can explore the vast galleries, attend lectures and talks, and even participate in hands-on workshops and activities.

But what truly sets the British Museum apart is the sense of wonder and awe that permeates every corner of the building. Whether you're gazing up at the magnificent glass roof of the Great Court, admiring the intricate details of the Rosetta Stone, or simply in awe at the sheer scale and diversity of the collection, the museum is sure to leave you feeling inspired and amazed.

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      April 10, 2023 at 4:47 pm
      The British Museum
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      Lisa BreitenbachLisa Breitenbach

      08:30 18 Apr 24

      Trizar RizqiawanTrizar Rizqiawan

      08:10 18 Apr 24
      It's a nice place to bring your kids and to learn history and make connections to their history class in school.My kids love to go here as it has plenty of collections. Ticket holders can go directly to the front gate while non ticket holders should use the other gate at the back of museum.

      Dr. Narinder SainiDr. Narinder Saini

      07:58 18 Apr 24

      Eduskywalker 182Eduskywalker 182

      05:41 18 Apr 24
      I believe one day is not enough of you love museum. So much to see.

      Choayb Jorge de SouzaChoayb Jorge de Souza

      05:37 18 Apr 24

      cesar rodaocesar rodao

      08:02 06 Apr 24
      An essential during your time in London. Lose yourself for at least an hour in its corridors, you have to do it at least once in your life.

      Elias CorralesElias Corrales

      07:52 06 Apr 24
      Very good service

      Kaushik PattnayakKaushik Pattnayak

      07:37 06 Apr 24
      Fantastic collection and a wonderful explanation.

      Zaimi SultanZaimi Sultan

      07:25 06 Apr 24
      Free entrances, however, mandatory to get ticket online prior the visit

      János BátkyJános Bátky

      07:11 06 Apr 24

      Sal LuSal Lu

      07:42 24 Mar 24

      Sally GilesSally Giles

      07:16 24 Mar 24

      Sevgi PacherSevgi Pacher

      04:50 24 Mar 24

      Nmr zoneNmr zone

      23:58 23 Mar 24

      Ramarro MarroneRamarro Marrone

      08:22 13 Mar 24

      Alexandre RenouAlexandre Renou

      07:43 13 Mar 24

      Balazs SallaiBalazs Sallai

      07:16 13 Mar 24

      Andrea Gilabert MutAndrea Gilabert Mut

      06:58 13 Mar 24

      Austris KalninsAustris Kalnins

      05:26 13 Mar 24

      Kristīne DetkovaKristīne Detkova

      08:12 03 Mar 24

      Kyriacos MenikouKyriacos Menikou

      07:28 03 Mar 24

      Ionel MihailaIonel Mihaila

      07:22 03 Mar 24
      Nice one

      darengr phonedarengr phone

      00:18 03 Mar 24


      08:27 05 Feb 24

      Monica JanicekMonica Janicek

      08:06 05 Feb 24

      Malcolm GMalcolm G

      07:12 05 Feb 24
      Amazing and well worth the visit.

      Stefania CalzavaraStefania Calzavara

      06:06 05 Feb 24


      23:42 04 Feb 24

      Paula ReynoldsPaula Reynolds

      22:30 25 Jan 24
      A great architectural building and lots of artefacts from all over the world. Definitely worth a visit and a donation.

      Frangaba AsturiasFrangaba Asturias

      17:31 25 Jan 24
      Great museum to visit, it takes time it is impressive

      Valeria ArriagadaValeria Arriagada

      17:16 25 Jan 24
      I fill pieces of art stolen from other parts of the world. The good thing is that it is not necessary to pay to enter the museum. And well, it's really worth going.RETURN THE MOAI

      Dominik PicekDominik Picek

      15:17 25 Jan 24

      Matthew TaylorMatthew Taylor

      08:24 22 Jan 24

      Mark HargreavesMark Hargreaves

      08:14 22 Jan 24
      One of the most amazing places in London to get lost in and absorb the historical cultures.

      Gerrie KrugerGerrie Kruger

      08:07 22 Jan 24

      Gnip WeisGnip Weis

      06:46 22 Jan 24


      05:59 22 Jan 24
      It's so good, go two or three times

      Super cool

      Rita MarinelliRita Marinelli

      06:27 15 Jan 24

      John LedwithJohn Ledwith

      05:29 15 Jan 24

      KTed CastrellonKTed Castrellon

      02:57 15 Jan 24

      R HR H

      02:15 15 Jan 24

      Billyana DimitrovaBillyana Dimitrova

      06:57 08 Jan 24

      Tsai-yiii WTsai-yiii W

      04:01 08 Jan 24

      Young ShonYoung Shon

      02:01 08 Jan 24
      Impressive museum with a vast collection. We underestimated the time needed. We will be back. Rosetta Stone was one of the highlights

      Time TravelersTime Travelers

      23:15 07 Jan 24
      Always a time travel, amazing.Quiet, clean, spacious, crowded toilets beware!

      kuk bui wongkuk bui wong

      02:57 01 Jan 24
      A museum worth visiting, and admission is free

      A lot of people. It is difficult to enjoy it with so much capacity.

      Damanjit SinghDamanjit Singh

      00:02 01 Jan 24

      Laura VandivierLaura Vandivier

      23:34 31 Dec 23
      Wonderful exhibits!

      Duygu KarcıDuygu Karcı

      22:54 31 Dec 23

      ülkü bayraktarülkü bayraktar

      08:36 26 Dec 23


      08:11 26 Dec 23
      Wonderful place.


      07:50 26 Dec 23

      Fernando GallegoFernando Gallego

      07:28 26 Dec 23
      To return but I would do it with a guide.

      Dai-Jun LinDai-Jun Lin

      07:09 26 Dec 23

      Maricruz LloretMaricruz Lloret

      07:32 19 Dec 23

      Pedro LombaPedro Lomba

      07:23 19 Dec 23

      Michele AltieriMichele Altieri

      06:21 19 Dec 23

      Fatemeh EkhtesariFatemeh Ekhtesari

      01:24 19 Dec 23
      Enjoyed art and history

      Mahesh AdhikariMahesh Adhikari

      23:57 18 Dec 23

      Tomasz PawelecTomasz Pawelec

      08:27 12 Dec 23

      Pastor_5 R. G.Pastor_5 R. G.

      08:07 12 Dec 23

      Supriya PraveenSupriya Praveen

      08:02 12 Dec 23

      Theresa A. BisengoTheresa A. Bisengo

      07:47 12 Dec 23
      It's not the Louvres

      Matthieu GodetMatthieu Godet

      07:31 12 Dec 23

      Viktoriya GuchshinaViktoriya Guchshina

      08:49 05 Dec 23
      Amazing place full of great artifacts. Nice cafeteria downstairs, beautiful restaurant upstairs.3 hours were not enough to go throughout all exhibitions

      Filip ĆubelaFilip Ćubela

      08:00 05 Dec 23

      Łukasz DziuraŁukasz Dziura

      07:06 05 Dec 23

      Kyle Allen-TaylorKyle Allen-Taylor

      05:53 05 Dec 23

      Mick BradburyMick Bradbury

      08:07 25 Nov 23
      Full of wonders. An amazing place.

      Marco SantiniMarco Santini

      07:20 25 Nov 23
      To visit.!!!!!Gorgeous

      C V KumarC V Kumar

      07:06 25 Nov 23

      Henry MunozHenry Munoz

      06:40 25 Nov 23


      06:31 25 Nov 23

      Neutron NeutronNeutron Neutron

      08:15 16 Nov 23
      Old is gold, very super building design

      Daniel HeerdaDaniel Heerda

      08:08 16 Nov 23
      There's a lot on offer and it's also free.

      Dirk HagerDirk Hager

      07:54 16 Nov 23

      sangeetha Gsangeetha G

      05:59 16 Nov 23
      Felt like world is a home in the museum!Got to know more about ancient civilization

      Marcio ManzioneMarcio Manzione

      01:51 16 Nov 23

      daniela pisanodaniela pisano

      08:34 04 Nov 23
      If you are curious, this is the right place for you!

      Tarek ِAlshawiTarek ِAlshawi

      08:16 04 Nov 23

      SEZİL dundarSEZİL dundar

      06:28 04 Nov 23

      Peggy TsangPeggy Tsang

      02:39 04 Nov 23

      Eric LombardEric Lombard

      08:25 26 Oct 23

      Saschizan SebastianSaschizan Sebastian

      08:22 26 Oct 23
      Amazing museum! Needs to be a must when you are in London!


      08:13 26 Oct 23

      Louise BridleLouise Bridle

      08:11 26 Oct 23

      Izaskun el bustoIzaskun el busto

      07:27 26 Oct 23
      I would only change one thing out of a unique experience, it was too hot. After one hour of slow walking our were burning.

      Noèmi KoczkaNoèmi Koczka

      07:08 17 Oct 23

      Susu KrusSusu Krus

      07:02 17 Oct 23
      It's very nice. It has many things and exhibitions from all over the world. Inside is the rosette stone.The entrance is very beautiful architecturally, and the visit is also free.I'm not one to go to museums too much, but I really liked this one and I recommend it.

      Pili BorbonPili Borbon

      05:42 17 Oct 23

      Gabriella FaluGabriella Falu

      05:26 17 Oct 23

      Łukasz BasągŁukasz Basąg

      08:35 08 Oct 23
      A great place to spend the whole day. Lots of Egyptian, Japanese, Greek and Roman exhibits 🙂


      08:21 08 Oct 23

      Paul VillafrancaPaul Villafranca

      08:11 08 Oct 23

      paoandr gtnpaoandr gtn

      08:00 08 Oct 23

      Esther StoutenEsther Stouten

      07:07 08 Oct 23

      Israel ThenerIsrael Thener

      10:43 29 Sep 23

      Ravi VayyalaRavi Vayyala

      10:39 29 Sep 23
      Nice to see the stuff from our ancestors. There is no proper ventilation and smells bad inside the meseum.

      Georgara VeniaGeorgara Venia

      10:14 29 Sep 23
      Super crowded even on weekdays. I think they should regulate Visitor numbers better otherwise you really lose the whole museum experience

      Doug CalderDoug Calder

      10:13 29 Sep 23
      Incredible Egyptian exhibition with lots of mummies. Very busy and overwhelming with lots of people & way too many small children running around.

      Mohammad Shamsul HoqueMohammad Shamsul Hoque

      10:09 29 Sep 23
      Should be more descriptive


      04:20 23 Sep 23

      LaVon StilesLaVon Stiles

      01:40 23 Sep 23
      This is a must see! The price is always right, free! You will see historical treasures you will not see anywhere else and will remember for a long time. Absolutely fantastíc!

      Nishant GuptaNishant Gupta

      01:13 23 Sep 23


      22:01 22 Sep 23

      Tommy DunmoreTommy Dunmore

      21:52 22 Sep 23
      They had the greatest collection of stolen artifacts in the world

      Sebastian VasileSebastian Vasile

      04:02 15 Sep 23
      Incredible artifacts. The whole world of history.

      Patricia GonzalezPatricia Gonzalez

      01:22 15 Sep 23
      It's ok. Interesting contents, but not a lot of storytelling

      Alexandra DíazAlexandra Díaz

      23:31 14 Sep 23

      Tosh HashibaTosh Hashiba

      23:12 14 Sep 23

      Marcin PyrkoMarcin Pyrko

      22:56 14 Sep 23

      Annalise PreeAnnalise Pree

      04:54 08 Sep 23
      very nice but overwhelming ratio of small gremlins in matching outfit, a detriment to the space

      Bowen PengBowen Peng

      04:09 08 Sep 23
      I stole that


      03:55 08 Sep 23

      Major UrsaMajor Ursa

      01:23 08 Sep 23
      From British Empire's era to the present, the British Museum's collection, which has been collected from all over the world by private collectors, boasts an overwhelming quantity and high quality of more than eight million items.Moreover, most of the famous exhibits, which are included in history textbooks in many countries, can be seen free of charge, as might be expected from the British Empire's history as a hegemonic power.

      Marcela SilviaMarcela Silvia

      01:05 08 Sep 23
      i love this place i will return

      Mason TMason T

      15:30 23 Aug 23
      Despite having a timed ticket, we still had to endure a long wait in the outdoor line at the museum on a rainy day.Inside the museum, the experience was truly delightful, particularly considering the tickets were free. A wide array of historical art pieces were exceptionally well-presented. The organization was impeccable, with ample bathroom facilities provided. Overall, it made for an enjoyable and engaging visit.

      Irena RutuleIrena Rutule

      09:01 19 Aug 23
      Absolutely amazing! We spent couple of hours in there with kids. A lot of interesting exhibitions. Friendly staff. Maps and signs will guide you easily through the museum. Benches to sit and rest. Nice cafe with fair prices. Definitely recommend. Entry is free, but better to book a time slot in advance on their website.

      Aimel RaiAimel Rai

      09:50 17 Aug 23
      Now I know a lot of these pieces are not rightfully British HOWEVER it was a cool experience being able to look at them and experience them. I would highly recommend going through the queue from the main entrance walking a little down right in-front of Starbucks, it’s a lot faster and shorter. The map does cost 2 pounds which I would recommend that you get, it’s a lot easier to navigate. The museum also had these really coolHands on station which just add to the experience and allow you to learn new things.

      peter rypenspeter rypens

      07:49 14 Aug 23
      The British Museum is an essential must-visit for its vast historical treasures. The best part? It's free! Delve into world history, from ancient civilizations to modern times. However, be prepared for the downside: its immense popularity. The museum's free admission draws massive crowds, making it a challenge to fully appreciate the exhibits without navigating through throngs. Despite the crowds, the British Museum remains an unparalleled hub of human history and culture, offering a glimpse into the marvels of the past that shouldn't be missed by any curious traveler.

      Rudolph NartkerRudolph Nartker

      20:13 12 Aug 23
      This is by far the best history museum I have ever been in. I was planning on being in there for 3-4 hours and not seeing everything. I would recommend going in for 2-3 days. To see it all. Words cannot express the emotion that I felt being in the presence of this collection of artifacts.

      Sarah CoursonSarah Courson

      12:01 08 Aug 23
      Way too much to see to try and see it all in one day. If have limited time, then prioritize what you want to see most rather than wandering around the exhibits. The museum also offers guided tours which is helpful, but should book that in advance. It gets very crowded, so can be hard at times to see popular items like the Rosetta stone without waiting a few minutes.

      Jewelisland _Jewelisland _

      11:00 06 Aug 23
      Fascinating Journey Through HistoryThe British Museum is an absolute must-visit for anyone passionate about history, art, and human civilization. Its vast collection, remarkable exhibits, and educational value make it a truly enriching and unforgettable experience. Whether you're a history enthusiast or a casual visitor, this museum will leave you inspired and in awe of the remarkable achievements of humanity.

      Marcin OrzechowskiMarcin Orzechowski

      06:37 06 Aug 23
      There is no reason to book tickets earlier. The line is the same for everyone and very, very long. But it goes very fast, like a normal walk. Lots of space inside, lots of things to see. Prepare for 3-4 hours, when you want to visit every room.

      Andrew TrottAndrew Trott

      11:03 01 Aug 23
      The most impressive museum in Britain, possibly in the world! Containing, however, artifacts from around the world that should have been preserved in place, rather than shipped to Britain using the wealth of colonial British repression. If these were all returned to their native countries, I'm not sure you'd have much left in the museum at all (except for a really beautiful and impressive empty building).

      Éva dr. FöldesyÉva dr. Földesy

      18:40 29 Jul 23
      A really amazing experience, it was a wonderful experience to see this museum. The Egyptian exhibition is beautiful! The Egyptian sculptures and mummies are amazing and the Rosetta Stone is unique. I liked very much the Sutton Hoo ship burial discovery, the helmets and the Lewis Chessmen too.

      Mubashira KhanMubashira Khan

      23:40 06 Jul 23
      The British Museum houses an extensive and diverse collection of history, culture, and art around the world. The exhibits are well-organized and provide insightful context.We spent about 4h walking around and absorbing history. You can definitely spend more time because it's huge and requires a lot of walking.Entry to the museum is free!Would recommend doing homework on what you'd like to see the most and plan your route before your visit.We took a map and clearly indicated "must see" which made it easier to navigate.Overall, it's a must-visit destination.Highly recommended!

      Rigby SRigby S

      17:55 06 Jul 23
      Some of the most precious objects in the world gathered in one place for the pleasure of the public. An incredible archive of human history, a life affirming glimpse into the past and an outstanding reminder of the depth of man's ingenuity.Don't miss it. If your time is limited, plan ahead. Identify the objects or exhibits you want to see. A week wouldn't be long enough, to take the time, to appreciate every incredible treasure there is to see.


      06:41 21 Jun 23
      It's kinda like the MET in NYC ... Lots of history in different sections... I went on a Sunday afternoon and it was quite busy. You can register for tickets for free online and help avoid the line but by the time I got there everyone pretty much just walked right in. Some rooms did get a bit warm with no air conditioning...

      Yael WYael W

      12:26 20 Jun 23
      Incredible museum. It's massive so you won't be able to do it in one day but definitely be sure to check out the Rosetta Stone and the statues from the Parthenon. The Egyptian section was fascinating as well. A must see while in London visiting. Best part is its free to enter.

      Laura F.Laura F.

      21:52 07 Jun 23
      It's unbelievably that such a breathtaking museum is free in London for anyone willing to visit. You'll see some queues, and the length depends on the day, but whether you spend under an hour ( just to get in and see), or many hours and you see all sections, you'll not be disappointed and you will learn so much.Don't miss it if you go to London!

      Patricia BaquerizoPatricia Baquerizo

      15:16 07 May 23
      The museum is FREE! The British Museum is an impressive institution that houses a vast and diverse collection of artifacts from around the world. Its exhibits span centuries of human history and cover a wide range of topics, from ancient civilizations to contemporary art. The museum is well-organized and provides insightful context for each exhibit. Overall, it's a must-visit destination for anyone interested in history, culture, and art.

      ahmed rashidahmed rashid

      23:54 24 Apr 23
      A very nice place to visit if you want to see various types of monuments from different countries and from different Eras. I would recommend to visit the place if you are in London.

      Bernadette RileyBernadette Riley

      16:15 29 Nov 22
      Such an amazing museum! You could spend a day here, there is so much to see. The line was down the street around the corner, however it moved pretty fast. You have to go through security but this process was quick. I thoroughly enjoyed the Egyptian displays, it was so fascinating reading the information panels. There were shops and cafes as well.

      steven limsteven lim

      21:45 17 Nov 22
      Our third museum visit on the same day. This was always our go to museum on past visits to London.There is so much to learn and rediscover here, and we love the Assyrian and Egyptian exhibits.Also, the huge covered roof creates such a wonderful place, with the two cafe dining areas bookending the souvenir store.The reading room upstairs is also a must visit.Entrance is free but you need to book your date and time online in advance.

      Yahya ValiYahya Vali

      10:01 22 Aug 22
      Excellent experience. Beautiful place outside and inside. Many interesting collections. Enough to do here for a whole day.. Download the app and you have your personal audio guide for all the exhibits throughout the museum. Food and drink is sold on site, and a nice gift shop to get yourself a memoir.

      Irfan SilalahiIrfan Silalahi

      10:09 29 Jun 22
      The entrance is free, but expect some queue for security checks before getting in.The museum has such a massive collections of artifacts from ancient civilizations from around the world. It really made me wonder about how more advanced those civilizations in their own terms were. Structures that albeit broken, survived since 12th BC with great details and so much history to tell.Surely a must-visit.

      Hamidreza AshrafiHamidreza Ashrafi

      11:27 20 May 22
      A very large place with a variety of historical monuments. I expected to spend 4 hours seeing the whole museum, but it did not happen. I will go at least another full day at the next opportunity. There were some special historical works from the region of Iran that I had read in textbooks before. But I was able to read more closely and patiently. Be sure to enter to see this place with planning and purpose.

      John AnglinJohn Anglin

      07:04 03 May 22
      Superb few hours here with our first visit. Allow loads of time as there is so much to see and explore. There is something for everyone and would recommend going to each level. Although it's free entry it's worth doing a donation as well. My grandchildren are also fascinated with the museum. Plenty of facilities to make the visit more enjoyable.

      Wan-chien HsiaoWan-chien Hsiao

      20:27 09 Apr 22
      ABSOLUTELY stunned by this museum. Very comprehensive collection of the world’s history. Everything inside the museum is very well preserved and you get to learn many new things of different histories. Museum is massive so almost impossible to finish everything in one day. Would recommend doing homework on what you would like to see the most and plan your route before your visit. Came on a Monday but still need to queue for bag inspection, so prepare for long line if you are coming on the weekends.


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