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Free attractions you can visit across the UK

Discover the best historic and cultural attractions to visit where it won’t cost you a penny.

Across the United Kingdom there are lots of fantastic museums, galleries and castles which you can visit without paying for an admission ticket. 

So, whether it the National History museum in London, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum in Glasgow, the Ulster Museum in Belfast or White Castle in South Wales, there really is no shortage of amazing places to visit without having to tap the credit card.

How to save on attractions that do charge an entry fee

Whilst Monty’s Guide has got a super (and ever growing) collection of attractions that are free to enter, there may be places on your radar which you’re really eager to visit BUT it does incur a cost.

To help identify where you might be able to make a long term savings, we’ve put together some of the top membership programs that can help spread and dilute the cost over a longer period.

  1. National Trust:  Certainly one of the most popular memberships in the country, with over 5 million members.  You can read our article about National Trust membership here.
  2. English Heritage:  Similar to the National Trust, English Heritage offer very affordable memberships if you are looking to visit a series of historic attractions across England.  They also have reciprocal arrangements with other organisations across the UK, where you can take advantage of reduced of free admission.  You can read more in our article about English Heritage membership here.
  3. CADW:  Think of CADW as the Welsh version of English Heritage.  They look after some of the most incredible castles and landmarks in the whole of the country, and membership is very reasonable.
  4. Historic Scotland:  Just like CADW and English Heritage, Historic Scotland look after places north of the border and have reciprocal arrangement similar to that of CADW.
  5. National Trust for Scotland (NTS) Not to be confused with the National Trust (they are two separate charities), NTS have a remit which is very much aligned to their English counterpart. 
  6. Royal Horticultural Society (RHS):  For garden aficionados, RHS membership is a great way to save money if you plan on visiting at least several of their gardens across the year.

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