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9.1 If you are happy for us to use cookies as described below, all you have to do is continue to use our site as normal. If you would like to block any cookies, please see below for details on how to do so.

9.2 We use the following cookies for various functions and features of our site:

(a) Session cookies (SSESS…) which expire when you leave the site
(b) Google Analytics, Campaign Tracking and Maps (_ga, _utm, _gid, NID, UA, Gtag)
(c) Hotjar (_hj), and associated cookies issued directly by for behaviour tracking
(d) Sumo (_sm) for certain marketing functions
(e) WordPress (wordpress_) for logged-in guest accounts
(f) Facebook (fr) cookies issued directly by (including Meta)


9.3 We use these cookies for the proper functioning of our site, for example to establish your identity whilst browsing the site, which we need for our search and favourites systems to function correctly. These session cookies don’t track anything else about you.

9.4 If you would like to block any of the cookies used by our site, or other websites, you can do this through your browser settings. Please visit for more information on how to block cookies and/or delete them from your computer. Please note that if you block or delete cookies, our site may not function properly for you. We are completely committed to protecting your privacy and we will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully (in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998).

9.5 Here are further details on the cookies we use when you visit our site. These are “session” cookies and are removed when you quit your browser.

Cookie Name

Cookie Name Description
SSESS, wordpress_sec, wordpress_logged_inRefer to paragraph 9.3 of our policy

9.6 We also use certain third party tools to enhance your online experience. Some of these will set cookies on our behalf so they can work and give you access to useful features. Please note that we have no control over these cookies

Cookie Name Description
Google Analytics / Maps

We use Google Analytics to track visitors to our site. Our main aim is to find out which parts of the site are working and which are not proving to be useful. We use this information to make changes to our site and to decide on which features to improve. We also use Google Maps, which require cookies issued by Google.

See details of the Google cookies here:

Google privacy policy:

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter (Meta)

We have buttons on our site that allow you to share certain pages on our site. These buttons use a cookie that Twitter/Facebook/Instagram will put onto your computer or mobile device.

We only use these cookies so that our buttons will work.

The link to Twitter’s privacy policy:

Facebook’s privacy policy:

Instagram’s privacy policy:

NID, SNID, PREF, khcookieThese cookies are used by Google to store user preferences and information when viewing pages with Google maps on them.
_hj, __sm These cookies are used by additional services from third parties to help us identify areas of improvement in the performance of our site, to carry out occasional surveys and to alert you to offers that may be of interest to you.